Freitag, 13. Mai 2022

A Great Bridge is to be Build in Humble Portions - by Great Friends

 a great bridge is to be buid in humble portions

38 years I thought


 was living my life

42 years since then

solo Sunny

 me living only 

(Scorpio - form)


happening to

my heart's

 bridge and center

of warmth

I love it

this complete child of


for what is given since the


Murnau, 5.- 13. 2022, 

if needed this might be observed like an existential expression of


which is a category

of living 

even now

 not in presence

but in the future

of presence

as example

together with the Putians

and Xi's

of this world

of multypolarity of

man's honor



and Win-Win

Eurasia is morning


is evening

in a family of nations

where the mirror of man

is like  Russians

in the West

and their friends

The Saker's is a home

for the birds

with royal


guarding the humbleness

of true adults

symbolized by


while Martyanow 

as humble

as classy

following the fatherly trail


sharing great friends

on the planet

Murnau, 5. 13. 2022, UTC: 13:53 und 14:11.,

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