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Childly Pure Heart and Lust for Life Fighting - Innocence and Lust Uniting

  6. 15. - 22. 2022

Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC

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"The great events of world-history are after all of deepest  
pettiness.  Crucial in last line is only the  subjective life
of the single one. This alone makes history, in him alone 
all great changes happen firstly and all future and all 
world history  descent as  tremendous summation quite at 
last out of these hidden wells of the single. We are in our
 most private and most subjective life not only the  sufferer,
but also  the doer of a time. Our time - that's us."

JUNG, The Meaning of the  Psychology for the Presence.
Coll. W. 10, §  315.
(my translation)

female horoscope is quite different


she = relation (eros) Moon
asc: Libra
carried by

he = seperation, distinction (logos) Sun

asc: Aries
carried by

Everyone accompanies the way of one's heart = Sun with that, what his/her ascendant plus attached time-schedule- places at disposal ...

24. Week

we in the astromundane diary
so to say in the pure astrology
 weekly practising
hike in the unconscious 'weathers'
with each one's herited
in the zodiac of 
hiking Earth
projected on our star
the Sun
in analogy to our 
as center around which 
the time travels

beginning each zodiacal way
with the first house
 of fire 
every day
giving birth to the image of
in the waters of the unconscious
or Tao
by Aries' fire
birth into   flesh 
of every
zodiacal day

 now the fang of
and the fang of 
working for appearance
of power and spirit in pureness
by the raging child
always mirroring Pisces'
in the six mirrors

 these weeks mirroring
Mars the knife
and  Jupiter the scalpel
visible for everyone
cutting  Pisces-spirit of
eternal depuration
in the first mirror of the zodiac

in whose 2. mirror
now as before
standarts of respect
 spirit of the fathers
in his 3 years 
in Aquarius

appearing where 
in Taurus meets  Uranus
so on Sunday June 12.
at 16,9° Taurus
= new borders by Uranus

new borders by Pluto

by Pluto = Foundation of das 
Deutsche Reich 

Mars of the Earth-element
fiery radiating

 last Monday
start of setting
new territory-borders
 intrusion of  heavenly order
on Earth by lingo

 essence of the fatherness
 in the zodiac
in the sacrifice of fathers
appearing in the mirror
with Sun and  Mercury 
the large- and fine-printed
message of truth
and where currently
in his fourth and last week
 this year is
 glowing  the narrative

The special topic of the week is destined by two squares, hence contrasts, between the elementary level
and spiritual level, where on the former the contrasts are fighting with another, while on the spiritual level they are cool enough to watch for a form with space for both of them to  move within. To the idiot the squaren is bad, because of war,  the thinking human keeps  watching for  forms in which good and bad, left and right  are co-existsing in a 'win - win' relation, in astrolingo: ascendant-descendant-mystery, called LOVE.

* firstly: the waning conjunction Uranus/ Venus , both on the elementary level fight between Uranus =  human spirit,  with Venus =  tribe-spirit. Uranus = the toppler, Venus = the roots.

* Neptune - Sun, square 
 childly pure heart
and  lust for life
innocence and lust
 union in love

Wednesday/Thursday on the  the level of language of the northern hemisphere.

* Saturn - Venus at weekend - spiritual  authority in the human society

and eventually 
the elementary 'sockets'
according to the Kingsconjunctions in the
below the 12 signs
of this 24. week 2022

There still is no theory about the conjunctions of the 'sons and daughters of God' with the 4x10 gods of the 4 'elements' or aggregate conditions. The empirical astrology emerges, by watching, discerning, infering - a process emerging along centuries, eventually leading mankind after into numbers and written words into reading no less than zodiacal - sign- laws - analogies of life.

Hence this week:

Water Pluto - Saturn

Earth Mars - Uranus (Venus)

Fire Moon Sun

Murnau, 6. 15. 2022, UTC: 15:17., and 15:46.



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