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Fortunes of War - in Two Weeks of New Borders

5. 30 - 6. 8. 2022

0:00 UTC
unter dem Tierkreis über der
nördlichen Halbkugel
der Erde
(Anklicken vergrößert)

the primevil image

Adopting the viewpoint, that a certain anatomical structure
has arisen by the impact of the environmental conditions
on the living stuff, so the primevil image in it's steady and
widespread appearence relates to an equally common and
continual external impact, which therefore must have the
character of a natural law. One could by this means correlate
the myth with the nature, e.g. the Sun-myths on the daily rising
and setting of the Sun, or the equally manifest change of the
seasons, and that was and is actually done by many
mythologists. Thereby the question remains open, why then
not simply e.g. the Sun and his apparent changes directly
and unveiled appear as content of the myth. The fact, that the
Sun or the Moon or the meteorological processes at least
appear allegorized, alludes us to an autonomous co-work
of the psyche which thus in this case in no way can be a
mere product or copy of the environment conditions. Since
wherefrom received it after all the ability for a standpoint
beyond sensory perception? Wherefrom then after all came to
it the ability, to achieve something more or different, than the
affirmation of the testimony of the senses. In view of such
questions the natural-scientific-causal Engrammtheory of
SEMON no longer doesn't suffice. Of necessity we have to
accept, that the given structure of the brain owes it's suchness
not only the impact of the environment conditions, but just
as well also the unique and autononous consistency of the
living matter, i.e. thus a law, given with life. The given
consistency of the organism therefore is a product on the
one side of the external conditions and on the other hand
of the inherent provisiones."

C.G.JUNG, Psychologische Types, Coll. W. 6, § 765. 

zodiac projects

the provision of the time-prongs


the big and the small wheels

spinning within us

like without of us

whose living metaphores

we are asked

to be

22. Week 2022

now the fourth quadrant, of the zodiac,  Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, in short: the spirit, has become emptied of all swift hikers  Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury and also the measured stepping of Jupitergrowing in rings of 12 years.

Remaining in the spirit are



demanding their mirror-image in


Pluto from the order of soul
in the order of state
sacrifice and justice

Saturn in the dance of spirit above the law
Neptun in the hunch of ever-possible meaning

22. Week 2022

the swift things
the driven ones
now at home in Aries
second of two
 weeks in rare conjunction 
Mars + Jupiter
elementary wrath and lucky coincidence
only has drove
no knowledge
rather scent
but with Jupiter
Mars is the pack of dogs
which provide respect
to Jupiter
precision and overview
 son of the decider

excellent wariors
the Mansteins, the Shukows ...

this conjunction only exists
every 1,6 years
for two weeks


of the social comunity
in which security and territorial borders
ahead of the fires of
are founded for 7 years
with the spirit of renewal
within the herds

while the reserves of 
in the secure borders of Taurus
appearing to be

on the psychic level below the zodiacal signs and symbols
on the level of the elements
 is the socket of time
given by 
about every 800 years
of each of the 4 Elements
Hence ca. every 200 years one. The last one was in the element air of 1980

this week a major crest is nearly

signified  the Mars-violent Uranus-suspension of Taurus-territory-borders compare:

( don't forget about checking the archetypal difference by  Pluto -

Hahn/Meitner, 1. Atomkern-Spaltung

Uranus then: 1935 - 42
sacrifice for soul and family Leo
now acrifice for justice


narrator above the interests of the parties

yet till mid of June
the drama of Venus
narrating the suspension of old
and the setting of new borders
in the square - connection with
hence sustainable
mirrored by the sovereign ruling of 
Sun in Twins
Sungainig height
which Twins grants
above the interests of the parties
Aries and Taurus
creative solutions

Murnau, June 1. 2022, UTC: 15:51.

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