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The Unfathomable Significance of this Passage on Sunday ...


6. 6. - 15. 2022
Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC

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"All unknown and void becomes filled by psychological projection;
it is as if to the contemplater  in the darkness the background 
of the soul mirrores.  What he sees in the matter and deems
 to recognize, are initially his own unconscious givens, which
 he projects therein, i.e. out of the matter features, and possibilities
 of meaning,  seemingly belonging to it,  face him, whose psychic
 nature are completely unconscious to him."

JUNG, Psychologie and Alchemie, Coll. W,  12 , § 322

Given, the structure of the rhythms of the Sun-system, oscillating with the star and it's planets, so also each creature on Earth.

With the west-eurasian zodiac, millenia-old frame of te time, long before there were kings, being the non-temporal order of time, we have the order of the fathers, into which we temporals enter.

It s thegreat event of reading heaven, whch allows, to step out of projection and to grasp the actual attendance accordng to the 'quality of time'-

The  analytical view readig the horoscope follows the rule:

1. What is is? = ascendant

2. What encounters? = descendant

3. How does he/she/it live? = Sun

The school of pure Astrology (without relatedness) is the astromundane - diary as a discipline, which will become matter of normal education some day.

The discipline and clearness of the zodiacal thinking allowes it, to tear to the light of consciousness the dangerous faszination by the collective unknown,  which is utilized  by the mighty tempters and 'princes of this world'.

23. Week 2022

Northern hemisphere
in the six mirrors of the zodiac

6 mirrors
6 synchronicities
above spirit (form)
below matter

23. Week 2022

the readyness for sacrifice and waiver
for the commonality
the fatherly symbol
justice, throne, state
which since 2008 in
subvert all corruptive systems

the current 
Sun in Twins
keeping the qualities of
extension (of perception) till the borders
of the three-dimensional room
to become content of 
living center of love
containing the rigor
and readyness for waiver
into the mirror 
of appearance

while the cosmic father
in Aquarius
showing the high mindset
of Capricorn
as content of the idea of man
as a humble immortal
still in the embryonic state
of a bud

this bud-state
as idea and concept of man
at Uranus'  is location
current 7 years in
and at earth-elements MARS
dealing with MAN's
 security and borders
of territories

the tendency of Uranus
to abolish what is rotten
moving along with the necessary destruction
of the old
trying to 
forestall the new

it's an 800-hundred-years
event next Sunday
for the northern hemisphere
of man

Aquarius  third  air-element in the order of zodiac - ais therefore signifying elevating - the metaphore of 'air' is always signifying  a quality, attending invisibly,  like voice, thought, idea etc.

in this 23. week, at weekend, the passage of Uranus by Venus, signifying the overrule = Uranus, of existing borders, = Venus,  in the array of social herds = Taurus.  

The unfathomable significance of this passage is visible by this graph: ...

for 1802 - 2577
earth Mars 16,9°

Transit of Uranus + Venus
 16,9° Taurus

mirroring in the 2. mirror
Saturn in Aquarius
 future 'father'
in square with 
the textual dedication of 
future rules and borders


mirroring in the first mirror
the twelved time
the purging of meaning
 Neptune in Pisces
mirrored by Mars
by Mars in
 bloody  violent  appearance
of purged meaning
mirrored by poor energy
accompanied by
overview and precision 

Back to "projection" therefore math was found, to keep a content free of projection.

Astrology  as philosophy of the zodiac, does it in the realm fo symbols. Like in mathematic
in astrology strict discipline of thinking is due.

The training for strict symbolic thinking is the mundane diary at home. No charges and a phantastic encounter with one's own learning without teacher, one's discipline and one's sluttishness.

Murnau, 6. 8. 2022, UTC: 15:42

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