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Neptun Square Venus - Win - Win or 'The Winner Takes It All' ?


 7. 11 - 20.  2022
Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC
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quiet ancestral love is sown
to heal our souls

"Deviation from and  setting oneself  in contrast to
instinct creates consciousness."

C.G.JUNG, Seelenprobleme der Gegenwart ,
(Soul-Problems of Presence) Zürich 1931, p. 249.

"Instinct is nature and wants nature. Consciousness 
instead can only want culture of it's negation."

ibid. p. 250

"So the first knowledge about psychic law and  regularity
ofwas found,  all things,   in the stars and another in the
unknown matter." 

C. G. JUNG, The Spirit of Mercury, Coll. W. 13,  § 285

for us on the northern hemisphere
this does mean

that the zodiac to the ancestors
to the listening
human ancestors
over unfathomable times
has sent
the great dreams
of spirit in universe
into the souls and matter
 of the stars-inhabiting
animals and men
which  are circling around
the circling kernels
of the world in motion

heaven of the
rhythmic clock
of creation
in universe

of the rhythmic Earth
power of the hot

like the eg
moving out of the depth 
of the lap

by the semen
of the storms
for conception
by the universe of the
other sex

28. Week

this week

now Mercury and Sun share the stretch of way through Cancer. Ruled by Mercury in Cancer's way, as well as in Moon's way.
 Twins and Virgo by Cancer are now receptible by  'feelers' of the soul. Cancer is 'all inside'.  4. Element, water, rhythmic welling.

With Sun is  hiking the temporal ability of the heart, in the sign of  of emotion. Visioned as Leo. Into which Mercury next week moves. Then being consultant and counsel of the chief Sun till then of chiefess Moon.

this week

Mars in Taurus sharing the fate of Venus in her last week this year on the intellectual height of Twins,  in square, i.e. in rhythmic rendezvous, with the child-spirit of Neptune = innocence, which as Pisces ingesting all rivers of time,  oblivate and remember,  transpiring new future rivers.

28. Week 2022

transpires of the unconscious
in dreams
mirrored in all eternity
by the real fire of Aries
the fire of beginning
of all living 

pure nature
like the bite
the heart-beat
and the orgasm
Aries is pre-civilized
still single-predator
as such
shortest wire
before all critic

and Mars the warrior, the buoyancy, bringing the hidden to the surface, driving  it into visibility, now in Taurus riving the communities of herds with the spirits which are underway in the sign of Aquarius - signified by Uranus in Taurus, which all 84 years for 7 years in Taurus repeals earthly borders and lets new ones origin. So now between 2018 and 2026, recently 1935 - 1042.

this week

Venus, the partisaness completing this year's run through Twins, overlooking the entirety of the world, planting the rule of mutual advantage or poisoning it by secret (Neptune) lie.

Since next Monday Venus awaiting the radical turn- inwards into the shady lap of families and feelings, Cancer, where since yore the noble and the gloom breeds.

this week

2 synchronicities of rhythms of two different archetypes likeweise.

This time there are one opposition and one square, supplementary, resp. challenging contrasts, to bring in the common possibilities the  decision of  together or against each other .

It are Sun/Mercury = center/worldview/avail challenged by Pluto the sacrificer in Capricorn = 
the fatherly order of common good by constrant of the ego,  demanding the sacrifice  of  sons, husbands and fathers for the peacefull life of  grandchildren in a just state of human things.

And there are

in square
of Pisces to Twins
Taurus and Libra
 receive the unitary form
by innocence 
+ territory+balance
in the language world
of Twins

obviously and apparently
increasing since decades
the struggle of win-win
with the old
'the winner takes it all'

Murnau, July, 13. 2022, UTC: 16:21.

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