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Two Weeks of Breakthrough and Care By Feeding and Rebuilding.


 7. 25 -  8. 3  2022
Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC
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 observation lat. religere

" a careful and conscientious observation, of  what
RUDOLF OTTO  aptly has called 'the  numinous', 
namely a dynamic existence, or effect not being 
brought  about by  a, arbitrary act."

C.G.JUNG,  Psychology and Religion, Coll. W.  p. 11

to be added is, that , as ERNST JÜNGER remarked, religion todahas become, t h e  subject of embarrassment, like in Christendom  sexuality. That in consequence has the meaning, that to the end of this epoch religion might again be ubiquitous, like sexuality today. Always the movement forwards, the run-off of each potential to take hold in the image of water, incessantly streaming and whirling between the left and the right banks of life.
The zodiac knows the 6 signs of the world: length, width and height, or fire, earth and air, or Aries, Taurus and Twins für the outer world. For the inner world zodiac has Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

And the upper six signs? They show the spirit in it's six days of creation. Above 6 calls from heaven, below 6 answers of the chaos.

6 mirrors

Now we have the 5. week in the year, where the heaven of spirit calls for the appearances of the interior of the individuals on the stage of families , where they have their time of  flowering and harvest between Cancer and Virgo.

The horoscope of the northern hemisphere of the Earth keeps showing, that currently in Aries and Taurus, resp. in wilderness and park, two thirds of the 3 dynamisms, = fire, of the zodiac, Jupiter and Mars unfold their effects.

30. week 2022

An Aries in which Jupiter leads the strife, so till November and ongoing since mid-December, is due, to be studied yet one day as an international 'police-action' for to neutralize a social virus, a criminal regime.

Both dynamisms Jupiter and Mars
are conquering something this week

Jupiter in square with Venus in the realm of energy
and feeding

the sword of Mars
for these 2 weeks  united
with the universal spirit of Uranus
 in square with Mercury
in Leo
will cut some lines and borders
of sovereign traveling

And it is always Taurus, having to mirror Aquarius, as the other,  the spiritual 'bank', mirroring  Saturn in Aquarius as the  coming father, who is already present.

and it is Venus
als ruleress of Taurus
in the lap of Cancer
the downfall of the 
by the warring fresh authorities
of Mars/Uranus

Entirely independant therefrom is the sovereign love in the sign of Sun at home in Leo in the independance of the dionysian freedom of heart, compensating the current structure-dominance of other signs.

after square with Mars/Uranus
in the first half
in the second half of the week 
being in resonance
with the 'renewed father'

while the tenacity in one's own, Venus in Cancer, gains the advantage of the connection with Jupiter by square between Aries and Cancer in the strife for the excision of the sick and reconciliation with the sane.

Entscheidend in Erscheinung treten wird die Energie des erneuerten (alten) Vaters zum Ende der Woche
während die Beharrlichkeit im Eigenen (Venus in Krebs) den Vorteil der Verbindung mit einem Jupiter
in Widder  anbahnt - in einem der Streit der Ausrottung des Kranken und  der Versöhnung mit dem Gesunden.

 - Two weeks of breakthrough by Mars/Uranus in the summer of 2022.
- And moments  of reconciliation by feeding and rebuilding in the spirit                        of Jupiter/Venus.


Murnau, 7. 27. 2022, UTC: 15:38.



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