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End of Epoche


 8.1. - 10. 2022
Northern Hemisphere
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Masses with smartphones underway to catastrophe

"And to whom's mind does it cross,  rather to appeal to
the help of God than to the good will, the responsability
 or the intelligence of the fellow human beings?
Howsoever one  might evaluate these changes of the 
mental state of humanity , it doesn't change at the fact of
 it's  existence. If now the state on consciousness with
the single man changes significantly, so the thereby 
constellated contents of the unconsciousness change.
And the farther the state of mind  departs from a certain
 balance point, the more significant and, depending on
 how, more dangerous the unconscious contents , striving
for balance become. Thereout finally emerges a dissociation:
on the one side the self-consciousness frantically tries
to shake off an invisible adversary,  if it not even deems
 the neighbor is the devil!), otherwise it underlies in increasing
 measure the despotic will of an inner counter-government,
which shows all traits of a demonic under- and super-humanity.
When a certain million humans reach this condition, so a 
general  situation emerges, to whose recognition we savor since a 
decade of daily object lesson. These contemporary  events in their
entire  uniqueness depict their psychological backgrounds.
The lunatic destruction and devastation is the reaction of the 
deviation  of the  from the balance point. There is namely a 
balance between  psychic I and non-I, a religio, i.e. a 
careful  consideration of the present unconscious powers, 
not without danger to be neglected. This turn, due to  state of
consciousness, has been prepared since centuries."

C.G.JUNG,  Die Psychologie der Übertragung, 
("Psychology of Transference"), (1946), Coll. W. 16, §  393 - 395

Since half a year we in the west in our self-consciousness are there again: "The neighbour is the devil".

And how is it with the neighbour of the neighbour, the yellow - blue angels and their protectors?

Astrology has a mind-boggling answer:

About 54 genetaions before now, there was a constellation, which complies with the current one in exact the same way. It belongs to the 'long waves of fate' which since the 9.  century were watched and read by the Iranian/Arabic Astrologers. see Abu Ma'shar.

These long waves of fate move on four levels: those of the four elements, today one would say; aggregation-states: radiation (plasma),  fix, volatile, fluid, or fire, earth, air and water.

My point of view goes thereto, that to let life emerge, the four conditions need one another in the universe of possible unifications. Astrology no observes all the mixtures, the elements are invited to join.

So this weeek there are: :

as conjunction
in the earth-element
Mars = fire
and Uranus = air
here we have energy + spirit

as opposition
waxing at the end of week
in the element
 earth = Capricorn 
and water = Cancer
Pluto = water
Venus = earth/air

The struggles and unions of the four elements, like the heaven signifies, are guided in our unconsciousness by the rulers in the universe: the archetypes, while they underlie the rhythms of their circling around their center, like the hydrogen -core to the galaxy of the galaxies.

The vessel of all sustainable unions always is given from the element earth, which even as dust-grain in necessary for to let it rain.

The astrologers of Bagdad in the 9. century followed the rhythms of the long waves at heaven, by observing the conjunctions of the two biggies in the, Jupiter and Saturn, in the intuition, that their conjunctions create a rhythm for the entire Sun - family.

And it happens every 20 years. The Swiss astrologer Reinhard Plantiko:

Triple Great Conjunctions
The encounters between Jupiter and Saturn, the so-called great conjunctions, have always been of great importance in mundane astrology. Since Saturn needs about 30 years for one orbit and Jupiter about twelve years, there is a grand conjunction about every 20 years. The places of conjunction form a trine in the zodiac, which moves slowly through the zodiac because the stated orbital times are not exact. It stays in one element for 200 years."
A large part of astrologers deem these Grand Conjunctions for decisive in the meaning of  predictions.

But much more decisive a minority of astrologers, incl. mundanomaniac and his teacher Wolfgang Döbereiner, deem to be the Kingsconjunctions, occuring, whenn after 200 years the Great Conjunctions enter a new element.

Hence the Kingsconjunctions revolve in the same element after 4x200 years each 800 years, hence they are valuable for 800 years in their formative effects of the sign-realms of their elements, so in the case of earth-element: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

The pre-eminent special status of the earth-element (see above) offers itself to the new emerging mundane astrology first of all refering to the long waves of fate.

So the attention might face the last three Kingsconjunctions in the earth-element:

7. 7. 154, UTC: 23:45

7. 11.  1007, UTC 0:46

18. 7. 1802, UTC:  22:48

In the comparison the most salient fact is, that the KK.s of 154 A.D. and 1802 A.D, both have their center = Sun in the most-feminine  sign Cancer.

The obvious assumption is, that both 800-years epochs show the rise of the female genus in the realm of Virgo in the realm of reason and guiding the mundane matters.

This aspect to explore is a task, dedicated to the mundane astrology of the future. It is zestfully, because virgin soil.

Now to come to the currently decisive moment: the 'long waves' and their assertion to the current stage in the realm of the earth-element:

The 'septars' of the Kingsconjunction
thei name refers to the rhythmic number 7
and the observation, that
each constellation returns in the
enlargemant x 7
as rhythmic long wave

this applies to the Kingsconjunction and all it's birthdays and the horoscopes
of  the exact like moment of the Kingsconjunction
here for example the septars of the current Kingsconjunction

1802 1802 – 1809
1803 1809 – 1816
1804 1816 – 1823
1805 1823 – 1830
1806 1830 – 1837 
1807 1837 – 1844 
1808 1844 – 1851 
1809 1851 – 1858
1810 1858 – 1865 
1811 1865 – 1872 
1812 1872 – 1879
1813 1879 – 1886 
1814 1886 – 1893
1815 1893 – 1900 
1816 1900 – 1907
1817 1907 – 1914 
1818 1914 – 1921
1819 1921 – 1928 
1820 1928 – 1935 
1821 1935 – 1942
1822 1942 – 1949
1823 1949 – 1956 
1824 1956 – 1963 
1825 1963 – 1970 
1826 1970 – 1977 
1827 1977 – 1984 
1828 1984 – 1991 

1829           1991 – 1998          

1830           1998 – 2005         

1831           2005 – 2012       

1832           2012 – 2019 

1833           2019 - 2026

Hence we experience currently the rhythms of the seven years of the 31. birthday of the Kingsconjunction of 1802, our current septar:

Northern Hemisphere

A Kingsconjunction with Sun in Cancer now entails that some day, in this cas since the 20. septar ( 1928 - 1935), the Neptune moves into Capricorn.

20. Septar, 17. 7. 1821 valuable for 1928 - 1935.

Here now he dissolves on the highest, most official, collective level the superordinate all-determining in the sense of state, tradition, constitution etc.
This is the archetypal background for the catastrophes, which since 1928 are signified by the long waves of the earth element.

In no seven-years-period now the dissoving Neptune in Capricorn effects more urgently than in the (currenT) septar, where he stands exact in opposition with Sun = the center.

The epochal upheaval, currently happening, is signified by the 32. Septar between 2019 and 2026. Sun and Moon, sovereignty and nature are seized by the dissoluton of the superordinate decicive and that in two ways:
either unscathed as an unconsumed new order, e.g. China, Russia,
corrosive as a hopelessly doomed old order

Here for a closer look, the current 32. Septars of the current main actors, referring to which of the 12 seven-month-periods are currently move through: it is  in each case, from the ascendant right-turning like leftturning the 6. seven-month period:

Venus ruling and Mars ruling
Jupiter and Pluto triggered

Neptune ruling and Venus ruling
Jupiter and Pluto triggered

Jupiter/Saturn ruling and Uranus ruling
Neptune and Uranus triggered

Mercury ruling and Sun ruling
Sun and Moon triggered

In the next week we will follow the thrilling question of what happened then in the Roman Empire when  between 406 AD and 413 AD the Neptune went in opposition to  Sun in Cancer.

31. Week 2022

Back to the outset and the constellations of the week

Mars/Uranus in Taurus

Uranus conditions the new overall constitution
of the human (= Aquarius) society
in Taurus
to originate out of the
pure possibility (Pisces)
and throws helped by Mars
the compromised old 

end of week waxing
off Capricorn to Cancer
 Pluto shows the sacrifice in service
of the superordinate
Venus instead in Cancer
 meaning: being at home in one's 'herd'
in the realm of one's language and traditions

But the sovereign Sun
moves unchallenged it's track
at home in Leo

Murnau, 8. 3. 2022, UTC: 16:14.

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