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Fatherly Nets and Fatherly Arrows Mirrored by Mutation of Man


3. 28. - 4. 6. 2022 

0:00 UTC

under the northern zodiac 

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" Since contrasts are not to be united on their own 
niveau (tertium non datur), so always  a superior third is
 needed, in which the parties can come together. Insofar
since the symbol as much is descended off the consciousness
 as the unconsciousness, it is able to unite both of them
namely by dint of it's form, whose ideally and by dint of
it's numinosity, it's  emotional contrast. Therefore it
frequently and  since yore is compared with water, e.g.
 as Tao, in which Yang and Yin are united. Tao is the 
valley-spirit, the  much-winding river course."

C.G.JUNG, Aion, 
Coll. W. 9/2, § 280/81

this much-winding river-course between two banks, is the image of life, to be lived as river or streightened as channel, once having been a river.

Left and right, high and deep, spirit and matter, the intellect discerns the contrasts between matter and spirit. It's the soul, the 'ligamentum' uniting matter and spirit bysymbol, since the soul verges on both.  Soul  is center, realm  in it's own right.

In the zodiac the 'soulful four' - reache from Leo to Scorpio - in the four stages from lust to sacrifice by disentanglement. The  union of matter and spirit, being possibly evocated in the soul by the soul.

However, this is the way of the 'male zodiac'. In the female one the soul stretches from Aquarius to Taurus.

therefore the heroic, spirit-filledness, having stead in the female soul.


Now the sea-change, we are wittnessing since spring -begin: Sun and Mercury, act and explanation,  now in Aries appearing materially, as 'jump for prey' , reason-guided, real or as lie, act and explanation.

Further materially appears

Uranus in Taurus
security by spirit
in human assemblies
animals and plants
creator-spirit and
under the heaven
fatherly sword of spirit
and Saturn -Venus
fatherly net of spirit
above the human union
time coming 
budd  maturing
 it's time

Sidebar to Saturn/Venus, always to remember:

Venus is the enveleopment

the cell
mirroring the moment of
in love
the fulfillment
in war
the envelopment
of Mars by Saturn/Venus
in the strategic cauldron
of the father

Difference to Sun/Venus: the enveloping strength (of the center
Saturn/Venus: the enveloping spirit of the guiding father

example: envelopment 1942

Stalingrad, 11. 19. 1942

11. 19. 1942, Northern Hemisphere

13. Week 2022

Second week for Sun and Mercury
in Aries
this week mirroring
and Neptune in
above in 

what paradoxes
the dissolution of privilege
in the calm and peaceful Pisces
mirrored by 

raging Aries
killing for existence
guided by the center and 
it's intelligence
in the army of the father



three conjunctions
this week

one in the beginning
father and net

one in the end
Mercury / Sun
talk and act

mirroring in Pisces
divine son 
linking with
precision and overview

divine child
innocence and mercy
in Pisces
childhood of God

pureness of strategic leading
called 'higher fate'
before origin

in the second mirror of presence
Aquarius mirrored by Taurus

therein Saturn commanding
voluntarily sacrifices
by Pluto
in Aquarius
free of guilt
spirit of determination
by Venus and Mars
- envelopment and push -
mirrored by
Uranus in Taurus
Heaven on Earth
of new traditions
in the thicket of cities

so much will be realized in this week, by a conscious minding one's heart 

 like all being
 called into life
 by the gods
 'with them'
by the times
they are telling

and this alone is the true
meaning of time
each one has  his
days to follow
his/her heart
 in the daily flow
in it's conditions
the beauty in it'utility
Libra in Virgo

13. week 2022

Murnau, 3. 30. 2022, UTC 15:12. 


see: Mercury  exactly mirroring Neptune

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