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Mother Russia Again Presenting the Scales of Sacrifice

3. 14. - 23. 2022 
0:00 UTC

under the northern zodiac 

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"... that I'm standing on kanthian foundation,  what means to
 say, that an assertion does not set it's  object. If I therefore
 speak of "God", so I speak exclusively of assertions, which
don't  set their object. So about God himself I have asserted
 nothing, cause so my premise, about God  per se nothing
can be asserted."


C. G. JUNG, Letters.

After my premise in God is everything, the bright and the dark, and to distinguish seems to me necessary: assertions from experiences.

Mundanomaniac, chronicler since 2007, experienced a 'once in life' heart-warming on an autumn-afternoon 1980 after 38 lived years in the divided center of Europe, and he has the experience, that the German policy can nothing begin with the Russian kind of heart-warmth, and rather has only scorn for it and (unconscious ?) greed for the treasuries of  the east in the cold-hearted stream of the western civilization.  Which has to be recognized as such to create warm-hearted thinking entity called 'man'.

There is the continental border, which goes lengthwise from north to south through Eurasia and which Moscow with its 'Snowniggers' now again is defending, after against

Napoleon's Europa
Hitler's Europa

now defends
ready to make sacrifices
at the wester front
 the (former) wordwide
dragon Washington
in a certaity
unimaginable for the west
to live and to die
for the future of the children and 

and for these mundanomaniac
follows the ways of heaven
in Anthropos
 above her six mirrors
of creation


six mirrors

six mirrors of Anthropos

six mirrors of Sophia

in the six mirrors of Sophia now always Cancer of Anthropos has the royal dignity and the heart
of Anthropos' Pisces rules the conditions for Sophia.

whereto belongs man/woman
ascendant and Sun
where thrieves

where are the right questions
for the own prong
for the own groove
one may pray

11. week 2022

there are twoo archetypal rooms
in which the spirit
of the new world is wrenching
off the old one
Aquarius and Pisces
mirrored by
Taurus and Aries
and their rulers
Mars the advance
and Venus the envelopement
together with 
the standing
the sacrificer Pluto
ruled by Saturn
as complex worldfather
under the bow of heaven
the invisible realm of
and thoughts
under the cranium
whose ruler
rules seven years
on the ground of the world
designing a new spiritual
dress for the world

into this happening
conceptual included are

"The wise advice of the mother and her inexorable law
of natural constraint man should surely take care of. 
Never he should forget, that the World consists therefore,
cause the contrasts balance each other. So  also the rational
 is offset by the irrational and the aimed by the given."

C.G.JUNG,  The Psychological Aspects of the Mother-Archetype,
 Coll. W. 9/1, § 174.

till Sunday already united
in Pisces
but not yet in conjunction

Mercury and Sun
voice and heart
in  Pisces
to the powerful clearing up
like with Jupiter
of the infinite home

 but the coming week brings
after the cleaning up of the center
on Sunday
Sun in Aries again
the inception
of the bloody birth
of the new center
of the northern hemisphere
about whose borders
this war is

with this to deems, the essential is said.

It is now the sacrifice, by Capricorn - the north's - Pluto, it's
 Scorpio, it's waiver,  mirror of the heart,'s Leo vigor providing - not the Atlantic hegemon, who as arrogated Aquarius hopelessly steps towards the scale of Karma, on which the heart of the species in one's love is weighed, and he, who lets others sacrifice for himsef, hid unconscious trembles in hysterics, cause on the other scale lies the feather of Maat.

"According to the Book of Mortuary proverbs 125, the dead man entered the court under the leadership of the jackal-headed god Anubis. A decisive role in the actual examination was assigned to the goddess Maat, symbolized as a feather, which actually represents an old, only later personified symbol of harmony and justice.[3] In the form of a feather, when the dead man's heart was weighed, it formed the counterweight on the scales of justice in the dead man's judgment scene."

Mundanomaic  proves deep adulation to the religious genius of the Aegypts, did they after all insert into the zodiac after Virgo, as twelfth, the sign Libra, as the first house of the 'beyond of the person'.

So dear children: Pluto helps our heart mirroring waiver on illegitime lust, that it might not be too heavy on the scale at the end of one's ways , since our statue remained too undicipherable and too unhewn by waiver.

Libra = encounter, the affix
Scorpio =  commitment, the remove
Sagittarius = the fit, the mating
(copyright Döbereiner)

Murnau, 3. 16. 2022, UTC: 17: 26


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