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UPDATED: Doomed? WW. III. 3. - Are There Enough Just on Earth?

 Its a decicive moment to me

Nasser Qandil  saying:


1. part was Syria

2. part is Ukraine

will there be a III. part ?

the ultimative part

or isn't there such thing

and my constant deliberations about 

how to present, what today can be said

and wha ist tobe said

now WW1 and WW2 were unfathomable

catastrophic Detonations

continent-wide overkill

now we have 

twoo parts of WW III. with 

Russian sovereignty

in the air 

so what about III. of III.

God only knows

but sorry,. to me

the Putin-Team  to me appears

as the real 

professionals in christendom.

And the answer of the Self

governing the zodiac of

Anthropos and


is closed and open

is order and rhythm

and "how above so below""  

the astrologer is vieving

the basic paradox 

that fire/Aries has to mirror water/Pisces

and earth has to mirror air

and the twelve components of the Self

are to be united and expressed

by one heart

hence, ww III. is still in the work, and  the catastrophy for evil is the sacrifice of the pure.

here are some horoscopes: take them like charts, read them like I did.

These horoscopes of elemenatry thythms are of a floor,  deeper in the unconsciosness than the zodiac. With the latter we are in the realm of  the 12, while with the elements we are in the realm of 4, which to me appear as a kind of sockets underneath the more differantiated zodiacal level.

With the sexes we are in the realm  of 2

and with the 1 we are back in the 12. 

And be conscious: the unconscious works with your birth-chart, if you dig it or not.

Here in the question of current collective discharching of projected hate on a kinetic level, called war

we are in the realm of fire and of earth.

So my interest was to evaluate the 7 +7  years  1935 - 1949

 fire and earth

1942 - 1949
fire-element 49. Septar

1942 - 1949
fire- element 49 Septar
(Operation 'Gomorrha'  24. 7. - 3. 8. 1943)

1942 - 1949
Northern Hemisphere

1942 - 1949
earth-element 21. Septar

1942 - 1949
earth-element 21. Septar

1942 - 1949 
earth 21. Septar
Northern Hemisphere

in these seven years there are not only the squares/Opposition of 4 planets of fate





to that complex actuality adds execerbating:


in 0° Widder

bloody birth

once in 248 years

new wild sufferer

contending for

a new balance

end of an entire


of the sacrificer

around the zodiac

and now the presence:

60. Septar 
2016 - 2023


since 3.17. 2022 till October 17. 2022 a scenario, which the 'City on the hill' relly might not like: 

 5. house 
the own personal 
by expression
bound for sacrifice

 3. 17.  - 10. 17 2022:

Washinton Dc  in
experience of a ride 
into  judgement
 as sacrificer


being subject of Pluto
by Scorpio

So much for the fire - Element and America

And Russia?

60. Septar 
2016 - 2023

It's Cancer, Mother, Moon in 10, of the world, Mother Rossia.

In consciousness of the conditions = house 6 balancing and suffering (house 5) for a possible
new future (house 12).

And here the earth:

32. Septar. Earth, 2019 - 2025

The power of the center -  heart -   (soul) in dissolution - complete in pupation: a possible new time.

32. Septar, 0219 - 2026

The joint power of heart and soul are shaping the comming innocent ordination, while the old constructs of purpose and intention undergo dissoluition. Neptune in Capricorn: the state of dissolution of all state to become newborn. Hence the success of 'newborns' :China, Russia, Iran, EU, etc. and the crisis of the 'uncleaned ' old  states, USA, UK.

Bottom line: 

This Evaluation of a couple of element-septars is a sketch.  Here fire- and earth-element.

Air and water appeared insignificant in the elementary mix on the bottom level of the universe

closest to gravity.

Questio,  what about the World-war III. (the 'last' Wwar?) Is there any parallel to the charts of worldwide kinetic catastrophy 1942 - 1949?

My take: the fire constellation is ominious. In Wash DC's comment is a whole lot, to suffer in the own realm further, the earth-constellation lacks the explosiveness of the earth/1942 -1949 constellation. 

Did anybody do such evaluation? I don't know any , but give credit to anymous.

Sure enough, many will follow, for coming generations, cause man's inbuild strife for harmony

and a 'throne' of man above what in the 'City on the Hill' is faked.

Geopolitic and Astrology -  the new chambers in human consciousness -- one for 

understanding the predator in us - one for the divine measures.

Providing our progenity with a far a brighter vision of  dangers in the human condition and of 

the rhythms of things -  the lever for understanding.

Finally , allways the first Question: are there enough just on Earth? I'm confident, I like the 

cats and the small people on God's anonymous meadows.

Murnau, 3. 18. 2022, UTC 18:13. and 4 26. UTC 14:47.


This is professional:

"As far as triggering WW3 is concerned it makes no difference because WW3 is already FULLY triggered"

... and Putinnism in action

gladly we are in

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