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A Professor on Hannah and Mundo Abiding

Answer to

my comments cursive:

"lethal spirit hovering over the primordial moral void, from which all contemporary ills have come into being."

my dream of a calming Fox hovering like a wandering clout over a smal vilage and the peasants tell me

"we know,  they're able to do this and a lot of other tricks"

he - us - tricked by  the Fox "his  joyous acceptance of his disabling of its will to think and judge"

"the ultimate goal could be achieved – that of the de-divining the being created in the image of the Divine by eliminating the prerequisite for humanness: Thinking"

that's mundo's creed: Thinking - Uranus - air - spirit  - god of humanity

Saker's essence shared by mundo since 2014: "Hannah is said to have believed – “Evil comes from a failure to think […] It defies thought […].”

"to spit into one's soul" a saying in Russia - the first law was in Kiew by the 'revolutionary' Rada, to cancel

respect for Russian language. Here the nazification of the West became apparent, it exposed itself as

"globalized brain-monster whose main purpose, despite its nourishment, is the failure to think"


Hybris is disbeliefe

And hybris is, to have an opinion on politics,  based on informations - but without knowledge. 

even the law of a single crime is to be examinied carefully, what is with the collectice crime of the powerfull.

veiled by super- professionals? 

 "Even corrupt faith – but faith nonetheless – is required for elevating one’s own humanity above divinity."

here my understanding is: humanity is the medium basis between animality and divinity, the human soul's

 realm is  between matter and spirit

"The West’s chicken-brain-level attention span"

my image:


paradox of utter outer busting

 and trance by the in-breed 

as "fruitless monards"

the west

 killing the divineness

 of the human breed

 by early lies

in the lifes

of the childs

 of the faithless 

To them no heaven is telling the dangers and chances of heavenly provision by the divine seed each week and year

" conscientious love and sacrifice" great!

I like that concept, it tells of human honore. V.V.Putin calls it: "professionalism",  a great visualisation of the 'VVPutin-typus' of human beyond the red line of the pirate- type of anti-human monadism.

 Professor, I further have to work on your thoughts -  appearing to me as a mountain of times and images -

encountered with my undue comment, but it's ok

"Unlike the Warsaw ghetto abandoned and helpless youth’s heroic and suicidal refusal to go to the slaughter like sheep, The Russian Refusal was the decision by the equally heroic but life-affirming, aware and prepared, wise, and visionary elders who, maybe heuristically, sacrificed themselves for the generations to come."

" The Russian Refusal" by "wise and visionary elders" mind  the Russian Hymn

Ancestors given the wisdom of the people!
Предками данная мудрость народная!

Hail country! We proud of you!
Славься, страна! Мы гордимся тобой!


That is the Splendor of Goodness – in both its meanings: as virtue and kindness, but also, from its Slavic root, as fit, suitable, valid.

recently there was in the net a seed-string of 'Russians' from within  the RF and out of her - confessing to be 'Russian' , where I found myself within the vineyard beyond the red line in the new lands of respect

"And that is the reason why the Banality has dropped its mask and has reared its ugly face for the world to see – not only is it not good but it is invalid, unfit, and unsuitable for humanity."

and if it's not your brother being in thoughtless trance, then it's your son or daughter,  in the trance of evil, raising children, to then  realize the evil, - god's mills grind slowly and daily MSM' time  is 'Devil's time', but hoping the best for the trend to  anonymous splendour

I need a break. - your density in verbalizing 'my position' , certainly.  not my last thoughts.


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