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Bridge Over Hate and Ignorance - Only Human Can Build


4. 6. - 13. 2022 

0:00 UTC

under the northern zodiac 

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" We like to put the consciousness not unjustifiably 
in analogy with the sensory functions, off whose
physiology the term  'threshold'  after all is taken.
The frequencies of the  tone audible to the human ear 
reach from about 20 -  20.000 Hz and the wave-lengths
 of the visible light reach from  about 7.700 - 3.900 
Angström. Out of this analogy it seems thinkable,
that for psychic processes there is not only an inferior
threshold, but also an upper threshold."

C.G.JUNG , Theoretische Überlegungen zum Wesen des Psychischen,
(Theoretical Deliberations on the Nature of the Psychic)
Coll. W. 8, § 367

Allowed might be the question, what does astrology with the concept of threshold? For a 'mundomaniac', measuring all questions of  responsibility with the zodiac, quite early  is incidental a lower and a upper threshold.

(Erlaubt sei die Frage, was fängt die Astrologie mit der 'Schwelle' an? Dem Mundomanen, der alle Zuständigkeitsfragen am Tierkreis misst, ergibt sich schon früh eine untere und eine obere Schwelle.

Here again is it the tenet:

the three stages

and, still in matter; Cancer, the fourth 'dimension' of matter: the traversed matter, home of the soul, or the fourth dimension of World - the inner world

different is the female zodiac

the reversed distribution of the three floors

This threefold presorting by the zodiac helps with to  orient oneself in the multiplicity of the 12 turf.

Each one can realize his nature = ascendant,  according to the moment of birth, and the heart, one is accompaied through entire life by the possibilities, one's nature provides.

In the material of Taurus, in the realm of our sensual functions one perceives the elemantary threshold of 'territorial angst'. Hence the world appears divided in secure and unsecure, being  'in territory',  daheim,  and out of territory...

Through these Taurus-basics since 2019 till 2026 the toppler Uranus is moving. In our civilisation this happens unconsciously, a psychic seizure-constellation is given under the northern hemisphere, which, on the basis of the instinct, unites  masses of dirigible herds, whichave forgotten,  to be used as connon-fodder by unscrupulous elites.

Security of  territory, in a time of Uranus in Taurus,  is exposed to change of territory  borders  . This happens in Taurus every 84 years by a 7 years-term, recently  between 1935 and 1942. We since 2019  are analog to 1938. Since territories are the judical form of property-states, is their imminent suspension, their decline, the political most brutal period in the 84 years lasting cycle of the toppler, suspender and renewer Uranus, having unearthed all abominablenesses of territory-fight.

It is a great difference, if man experiences  such collective constellations consciously or without any awareness, hence being seducable for all demonic insinuations.

In these times, and only in these, are the possibilities for a step up on the anthropological ladder of civilisation or to fall down. The former is a step, which currently only Russia seems to be able to secure  beyond their narrow national interst -  against the  descending degenerated former power, being ready for every cruelity, deeming it's fall down might to  be avoided for further persisting.

Since 'man', to become man, has to learn about himself and the inhuman  powers he is exposed to, has to be conscious about the interests  wieldrf by powers above oneself - from within and outside - making man a danger for man. Having to learn, to use the specific human ability of reflection, i.e. consciously,  attentively, taking interest of the  ever changing colletive conditions, instead of unconscious  'human' cattle or pig taking part in the walk to the big houses with the sick smell.

Man always means the whole, which the zodiac divides as halves, bright and dark together filling the square

escorted by the hand of fate
 irreplacable time-seed 
thrown into being ...

A similar thing the kids learn in the set-theory, yes, fate is a certain distribution of qualities in the zodiac

and this same whole
having it's 
and quarters
and twelths
 quartering the day


                                                         Morning                                 Evening



Man seems to be prone, to succumb to temptations, off which sages  advise against, of which the catholic tradition warns as 'death-sins'. Delivered to the temptations, prone to fail humanity, the adult man is inchoate ...

The responibility for this inchoateness lies with the creator, who therefore needs the human cooperation, to come to a success. Hence according to  the divine plan of creation, incorporated in the zodiac, by the soul is to be build the legitime  human bridge, connecting consciously and willingly the spirit with the flesh and the flesh with the spirit.

Nature is, what ALL THESE bridges are.

Only in the array of this bridge, in  one-self, is man able, to invisibly  withstand the shiny power of the 'princes of this world' and to lead a self-dedicated life.

14. Week 2022
in the historical 2022-spring

of the heart
Sun in Aries

while Mars + Saturn

this week completed  the 
'burning cross'
an enveloped herd
while yesterday
stepping from Aquarius/air
to Pisces/water
from suspension
to dissolution

narrator Mercury
still in Aries
accompanying Sun
is mirroring
the dissolution
of the luck of 'good fitting'
in Pisces

which is so characteristic for an old power, striving for getting it's way on the whole world for her claim of entitlement.

4. 7. 1776 Philadelphia 

Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mars
= power+ privilege+wealth+arms
in the encounter with the world

back to the presence

by  the stream of Mars
in Aquarius = suspension
of Saturn
a world-order
a word-currency

mirroring the
12. house of the zodiac
reservoir of the genome
of man
as god
ever being present 
luck of innocence
missing to this race
as long as not having 
and humbly 

in the 

the three stages

male dimensions
whom the 
in her own right
man shall become

for to be able
to play suffused
with the possibilities
which man
for the time being
 see like the blind
who could see
if he put away the
blinders of

In short: the  human-possible, as meaning, in the sign of innocence/Pisces, analogue the TAO, is missing with the contemporaries, but not with the future ones, i.e. those, living yet as adult 'children' -wise in the unremarkable stage of innocence.

Murnau, Wednesday 4.6.2022, UTC: 17:21 and 18:55.


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