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Solstice and the Lurk Before the Jump


 6. 20 - 29. 2022
Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC
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" The driving forces of a mass-psychological movement are
of archetypal nature. Each archetype contains lowest and
highest and therefore is able for the most contrasting effects."

C.G.JUNG, Nachwort zu "Aufsätzen zur Zeitgeschichte",
(Epilogue to 'Essays to Contemporary Events'), Coll. W. 10, § 474.

If the realization of an archetype is not consciously executed
 there is no guarantee for it's realization in a benefical form,
rather then the danger  threatens, that a harmfull regression
 enters.  It seems as if the soul, for this  end owns it's 
consciousness, namely to prevent such  destructive  options."

ibd. § 475.

(my translation)

so the astrologers have
one could say
the zodiac
as a spectrum of godness'
superior image
and likewise
spectrally dissected
in 12 godness-'colours'
able to be studied
in 12 months
as likewise
12 of God and
12 of the 
whence everyone
has to take a side
for not to languish
in meaningless 
shades of grey

the zodiac
can enable
 him or her noting
their astromundane diary
in the party of God
 persuing the movements
of the 10 righteous ones
even if they might happen 
in continent-wide
on the level of mankind
borne to become
(adult) children
at last

25. Week 2022

Mars in the penultimate
in Aries
in relative calm
remainding of the lurk
before the jump next week
 in  square with 
for mayor sacrifices

the 'Reich'
ressouces territories
 emerging out of the square with 
containing the barrenness 
and the  sacrificer
likewise with the abundance of 
to unite their borders or to fight
with another

experiential no later
then Thursday
access to market
in Twins
where words and commodities
are swapped

and where Mercury
as lord of the narratives
end of June
 lie and  truth
confroning each other
delusion and respect of fact


Solstice on Tuesday
after Sun passed through
 the three signs
of  outer nature
by the elements 
fire, earth and air
Sun in Cancer
in the fourth element
signifying the depth of the inner

It is the Sun in the sign of impression - of  receptivity -Cancer. In contrast to the emitter LeoCancer ist the receiver. After earth is water the second feminine element.
"The change into Cancer gives a complete change of  the world of behaviour. The contours dislimn, the colours leak over. The colour runs through the rooms, dissoves, so no access is barred, contours and borders, and makes tangibles impalpable, nearness to distance."

 Wolfgang Döbereiener, Astrologisch definierbare Verhaltensweisen in der Malerei, (Astrologically Definable Manners in Painting") 1988, p. 53


In Cancer we are averted from the Sun, in the world of night and shadow, protecting the feeling from the blinding brightness of ratio and noon. To Cancer  in the zodiac   belong the two hours past midnight.  "Down south" we say, down is belly, below are the entrances and exits of life. Water-element, hormones, 'south' is:  feelings, Africa - the nocturnal dance at the fire, music in the soul-ribbons.

the world of the
'be the valley of the universe
as valley of the universe
always truthful and clear'
(from memory)
(my transl.)

Once again C.G.JUNG:
"Each archetype contains lowest and highest
evil and good and therefore is able to the
most contrasting effects."

there they are
the spirits of the adversary
united in the shadow
of the lie

Russia -Day
on the human planet

At the end of the week Sun moves into the square Sun-Jupiter:  will and insight likewise - severing and uniting - likewise in families (Cancer) and on the battlefield (Aries) of insight and  vanity (Jupiter) in front of  the father: the battlefield of God, on which the 'prince of this world' eating the souls of man, is confronted by the child of human sovereignty of  beings with, related to their size, these huge heads for self-employed thinking and professional working.

6 mirrors of the 25th week

Murnau, 6. 22. 2022, UTC: 16:02 and 16:15.



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