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Two Weeks of Breakthrough and Care By Feeding and Rebuilding.


 7. 25 -  8. 3  2022
Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC
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 observation lat. religere

" a careful and conscientious observation, of  what
RUDOLF OTTO  aptly has called 'the  numinous', 
namely a dynamic existence, or effect not being 
brought  about by  a, arbitrary act."

C.G.JUNG,  Psychology and Religion, Coll. W.  p. 11

to be added is, that , as ERNST JÜNGER remarked, religion todahas become, t h e  subject of embarrassment, like in Christendom  sexuality. That in consequence has the meaning, that to the end of this epoch religion might again be ubiquitous, like sexuality today. Always the movement forwards, the run-off of each potential to take hold in the image of water, incessantly streaming and whirling between the left and the right banks of life.
The zodiac knows the 6 signs of the world: length, width and height, or fire, earth and air, or Aries, Taurus and Twins für the outer world. For the inner world zodiac has Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

And the upper six signs? They show the spirit in it's six days of creation. Above 6 calls from heaven, below 6 answers of the chaos.

6 mirrors

Now we have the 5. week in the year, where the heaven of spirit calls for the appearances of the interior of the individuals on the stage of families , where they have their time of  flowering and harvest between Cancer and Virgo.

The horoscope of the northern hemisphere of the Earth keeps showing, that currently in Aries and Taurus, resp. in wilderness and park, two thirds of the 3 dynamisms, = fire, of the zodiac, Jupiter and Mars unfold their effects.

30. week 2022

An Aries in which Jupiter leads the strife, so till November and ongoing since mid-December, is due, to be studied yet one day as an international 'police-action' for to neutralize a social virus, a criminal regime.

Both dynamisms Jupiter and Mars
are conquering something this week

Jupiter in square with Venus in the realm of energy
and feeding

the sword of Mars
for these 2 weeks  united
with the universal spirit of Uranus
 in square with Mercury
in Leo
will cut some lines and borders
of sovereign traveling

And it is always Taurus, having to mirror Aquarius, as the other,  the spiritual 'bank', mirroring  Saturn in Aquarius as the  coming father, who is already present.

and it is Venus
als ruleress of Taurus
in the lap of Cancer
the downfall of the 
by the warring fresh authorities
of Mars/Uranus

Entirely independant therefrom is the sovereign love in the sign of Sun at home in Leo in the independance of the dionysian freedom of heart, compensating the current structure-dominance of other signs.

after square with Mars/Uranus
in the first half
in the second half of the week 
being in resonance
with the 'renewed father'

while the tenacity in one's own, Venus in Cancer, gains the advantage of the connection with Jupiter by square between Aries and Cancer in the strife for the excision of the sick and reconciliation with the sane.

Entscheidend in Erscheinung treten wird die Energie des erneuerten (alten) Vaters zum Ende der Woche
während die Beharrlichkeit im Eigenen (Venus in Krebs) den Vorteil der Verbindung mit einem Jupiter
in Widder  anbahnt - in einem der Streit der Ausrottung des Kranken und  der Versöhnung mit dem Gesunden.

 - Two weeks of breakthrough by Mars/Uranus in the summer of 2022.
- And moments  of reconciliation by feeding and rebuilding in the spirit                        of Jupiter/Venus.


Murnau, 7. 27. 2022, UTC: 15:38.



Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2022

Extensive Tenaille, Sharp Sovereignty while Venus Square Jupiter, Mars Square Mercury and Sun Opposite Pluto in Current Apocalypse

 7. 18. -  27  2022
Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC
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The soul

" ...  never looses its middle position.  She therefore has to be
addressed as a function between the conscious subject and
for the subject  inassasible depths of the unconsciousness.
The determining power (God), acting out of these depths is 
depicted by the soul, i.e. it creates symbols, images and self is 
only image. In these images it confers the powers of the 
unconscious to the consciousness. In this way  it is a receptacle
and  bridge, an organ for the perception of unconscious  
contents. What it perceives , are symbols. Symbols however
are formed energies, powers, i.e. determining ideas, which have
a spiritual  as large as an affective  value."

C.G.JUNG,  Psychological Types, Col. W. 6, § 466.

In the images of a mundane horoscope the  powers in our collective unconscious heritage step in front of our consciousness  as a chain of 12 essential symbols, each with 12 'houses',  that is the basic assumption of the mundane astrology, that is God's living  'machine' nature.

This collective raster of formative principles , adapted by sea and mountains, plants, animals and humans, JUNG has called 'archetypes' and asterisked them as 'psychoid', i.e. - ' oid = 'similar' to psyche,  'alive' and equipped with energy.

He accents, that with children and primitives the archetypes posess their immediate effect,
guiding  all weathers in a cosmos. While the modern humans, having forgotten  soul,  replaced it by reason, a smart adviser and a horrible ruleress. Her tool, the intellect has, so JUNG, placed herself in the modern time on the throne, which not she deserves, but the heart.

Mundane astrology has to delve along the parallels of of our cosmic constellations by our star-famiy and the collective behaviour of nature, humans included. As the archetypes contain, so JUNG, highest and lowest 'magic',  the constellations indicate the intensities of  collective 'good' and 'evil' possibilities in each time.

The former are due to the human adjustment to the discipline of what the old Hindu called 'Rita':

" [...] also the Indian sources deliver to us the impression of a lawful occurence, by identifying Brahman
with Rita. What now is Rita? Rita means: fix order, determination, direction, decision, holy custom, statute, divine law, the right, true.
It's basic meaning according to the proof of the etymology is: act of providence, right walk, direction, directive. The transpired, contingent by Rita, fulfills the entire world, but eminently Rita appears in the occurences of nature, remaining to be the same, and primarily wake the imagination of a regular return" [...] Around the heaven runs the spoked wheel of Rita, never becoming old, the year."
C.G.JUNG, Psychologic Types, Col. W. 6, § 378
The current worldwide crisis lastly seems to be caused by the fact, that for the first time in history the more powerful part of the world-powers aiming with a policy in accordance with 'Rita', while the other part of the powers persisting in the  tradition of rape of the weaker by the more powerfull, the religion of the Poker-Nation: "The winner takes it all."

29. Week 2022

Mars, the igniter, further moving  on his journey through Taurus. His  place of  fires are in parishes, settlements, cities, in short: Taurus-world = archetype of communities and their confines the satanists of this time are crucified als dark lamb for the entire West.

Mars is igniting, where  
traveling Venus is placed. 

And the current Mars is one in those 7 years when traveling mangod  Uranus travels in Taurus indicating  'human' spirit above all racial, national, religious,  sexual individuations,  in the meaning of a 'heavenly', i.e. eternal human order, according to Rita ~ Capricorn.

Note.: The western world and  Mars, the predator. The West, heiress of 5 centuries of exploitation of the young/old peoples by the 'modern people' on Earth,  by the private- pirate-civilizations of the west. These now suddenly since  February 24. find themselves in a hopeless position, while the East, led by the Russian/Chinese 'double-helix' has placed itself at the side of the young/old civilizations of Asia,  Africa and Latin-America. They are damanding respect, for the  dignity of the given originalities, traditions and religions of all people, their great heritage,  and their great and small states in an ever since  multipolar world, and by that - with respect alone - the West can - if anything - find the very first corn for it's own convalescence - that is: of the world.
Venus comprising, delimiting and holding gravity the position of balance into which, she after disturbance, inexorably returns.

Since Monday this week the Venus-gravity finding herself in Cancer,  in orientation towards inside,   to  soul,  family, feelings, according to Moon on his ambulation.

And, ruled by Venus, now Mars, and ruled by Mars, now Jupiter and his precision and overview, are moving in Cancer's , intimacy.

Increasing to the end of the Taurus'  Venus  awaiting the square Jupiter/Venus, the intensity of 'cognitive dissonance by connection of precise violence and domestic intimacy - what medicine the good and the bad ever will make of it.

Mercury, the neutral in the tribe distributing the prey of the hunt and the year. Therefore being created, for the neutral positions between the interests of the parties. 

Here  the worldwide western disease of corruption: the bought Mercury in the shape of neutrality.

To him are  two 'realms' Twins and Virgo ,  air- and earth-condition,  necessary for  world and soul, the word and the win.

Well Mercury yesterday left Cancer and entered Leo. No more  to Moon  subserving, but now to Sun, no longer night but to day,  he, the heavenly consultant.

Sun in the dyad with Mercury, sovereign of the day with smart precursoy advisor,  today  in demanding resonance with sacrificer Pluto,  in the complementary opposite state (State etc) Capricorn. 

From 'Rita' a mighty resonance by state to the lap of us single beings, from the sacrifice for the community to the inner clue of sovereignty of the individual.

 The element of pain and heat, Mars,  increasing to the weekend, the square with : Sun/Mercury in the coincidence of Taurus and Leo, community and individual pecularity, and group-membership, whereby the former is marsian charged and has to mirror the spirit of the coming father Saturn in Aquarius.

29. Week 2022

Since Friday then the Sun at home  in the power and heartiness of Leo.

Murnau, 7. 20. 2022, UTC: 17:12.


Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2022

Neptun Square Venus - Win - Win or 'The Winner Takes It All' ?


 7. 11 - 20.  2022
Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC
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quiet ancestral love is sown
to heal our souls

"Deviation from and  setting oneself  in contrast to
instinct creates consciousness."

C.G.JUNG, Seelenprobleme der Gegenwart ,
(Soul-Problems of Presence) Zürich 1931, p. 249.

"Instinct is nature and wants nature. Consciousness 
instead can only want culture of it's negation."

ibid. p. 250

"So the first knowledge about psychic law and  regularity
ofwas found,  all things,   in the stars and another in the
unknown matter." 

C. G. JUNG, The Spirit of Mercury, Coll. W. 13,  § 285

for us on the northern hemisphere
this does mean

that the zodiac to the ancestors
to the listening
human ancestors
over unfathomable times
has sent
the great dreams
of spirit in universe
into the souls and matter
 of the stars-inhabiting
animals and men
which  are circling around
the circling kernels
of the world in motion

heaven of the
rhythmic clock
of creation
in universe

of the rhythmic Earth
power of the hot

like the eg
moving out of the depth 
of the lap

by the semen
of the storms
for conception
by the universe of the
other sex

28. Week

this week

now Mercury and Sun share the stretch of way through Cancer. Ruled by Mercury in Cancer's way, as well as in Moon's way.
 Twins and Virgo by Cancer are now receptible by  'feelers' of the soul. Cancer is 'all inside'.  4. Element, water, rhythmic welling.

With Sun is  hiking the temporal ability of the heart, in the sign of  of emotion. Visioned as Leo. Into which Mercury next week moves. Then being consultant and counsel of the chief Sun till then of chiefess Moon.

this week

Mars in Taurus sharing the fate of Venus in her last week this year on the intellectual height of Twins,  in square, i.e. in rhythmic rendezvous, with the child-spirit of Neptune = innocence, which as Pisces ingesting all rivers of time,  oblivate and remember,  transpiring new future rivers.

28. Week 2022

transpires of the unconscious
in dreams
mirrored in all eternity
by the real fire of Aries
the fire of beginning
of all living 

pure nature
like the bite
the heart-beat
and the orgasm
Aries is pre-civilized
still single-predator
as such
shortest wire
before all critic

and Mars the warrior, the buoyancy, bringing the hidden to the surface, driving  it into visibility, now in Taurus riving the communities of herds with the spirits which are underway in the sign of Aquarius - signified by Uranus in Taurus, which all 84 years for 7 years in Taurus repeals earthly borders and lets new ones origin. So now between 2018 and 2026, recently 1935 - 1042.

this week

Venus, the partisaness completing this year's run through Twins, overlooking the entirety of the world, planting the rule of mutual advantage or poisoning it by secret (Neptune) lie.

Since next Monday Venus awaiting the radical turn- inwards into the shady lap of families and feelings, Cancer, where since yore the noble and the gloom breeds.

this week

2 synchronicities of rhythms of two different archetypes likeweise.

This time there are one opposition and one square, supplementary, resp. challenging contrasts, to bring in the common possibilities the  decision of  together or against each other .

It are Sun/Mercury = center/worldview/avail challenged by Pluto the sacrificer in Capricorn = 
the fatherly order of common good by constrant of the ego,  demanding the sacrifice  of  sons, husbands and fathers for the peacefull life of  grandchildren in a just state of human things.

And there are

in square
of Pisces to Twins
Taurus and Libra
 receive the unitary form
by innocence 
+ territory+balance
in the language world
of Twins

obviously and apparently
increasing since decades
the struggle of win-win
with the old
'the winner takes it all'

Murnau, July, 13. 2022, UTC: 16:21.

Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2022

Becoming Visible in the Cities: The Readyness of the Coming 'Father'


 7. 4. - 13.  2022
Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC
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"Our unconsciousness has a quite marvelous connection
to time.  People have been hypnotized and given the 
posthypnotic order to count the seconds.  Then hypnoticed 
again, they could regive the number of the  past seconds
exactly. We are unconsciously oriented over the time.
One can awake to a certain minute if one has  intended it. 
That is only possible by a splendid time-function of
 the unconsciousness.

The precondition of astrology is, that we are identical with the
 time. It expresses the quality of the moment we are born in.
Insofar the character-reconstructions of the astrology are correct, 
we apparently must be identical with the moment of birth
respectively  with the time.

My opinion thereto is, the time is a psychic function, which
 is identical with the alive anyway. Such  approach is not to be 
proved, but heuristically it is exeedingly valuable."

C.G.JUNG, Kinderträume,  (Children-Dreams) p. 106
(my translation)

while our astromundane diary apprehends the constellations of the week, it assigns to all of us 
our place in the zodiac of the 'great background-animals' (JUNG). Thereby

diary-writers have
out time-frame
by the sign of the
and our time - key
in the sign of the
which we accompany with our
through holy signs
in the holy zodiac
we children of the 

27. Week 2022

in the zodiac where anything
is finely distributed
it is this one
the week after the three powerfull 
squares of the 26th week
at which yet the 25th week
has poured towards

now after the brunt
of the last one
till weekend there comes no square
but in the beginning
of the new week
a new one
is beginning to be constellated

Venus square Neptune
and Jupiter square Mercury

square always meaning: likewise energized

Neptune signifying  dissolution of 
Venus = territorial borders

Jupiter prezision and overview
of Mars in Taurus
likewise with
Mercury in Cancer
the neighbourly aspect of
knowledge in the family

signifying  the fatefull or lucky
 advancement into the lap-space
of 'mother-land'

and an elementary -'constant'
collective feeling at home
in the tribe
is currently reactivated
by the fire of rage

Kingsconjunction of 1305 in Water-element
green Moon

the 'being at home' of the fourth element = water = feeling, in Taurus =  the security of territorial borders

in community
stem and herd
security of
to be 

visited by Mars
of the mangy
and by Mars of the


two relocations of powerful archetypes
on heaven 
and in our unconsciousness
 take place
 for all of us
 this week:


entered Taurus on Tuesday
energetically cutting the claws
of the psychotic Aries
to the normal civil length
now the knife cuts
into the parasitic
associal tissue

now till August 20.
in the cities
cleaning with fire
at the places
where Venus
hosting the lord of heaven
is located

hence in Twins'
neutral height of discernment
of what is given to 
 sensually perception
by air-element
lower spirit

where Venus
above the parties 
settling in the neighbourly 
space around
cells of wealth and egoism


heart of the year
since two weeks
in the lap of Cancer
begetting the coming
Aries- innovators

cosmic heart since 
out of Twins
following  Sun 
from the hill to the valley
out of the neighbourly into the
intimate lap
of being alive


with the removals of  Mars and Mercury
in the 
six mirrors of the horizon
above the northern hemisphere

the relations of spirit 
mirrored in matter

Mars lead by
 insightful  Jupiter
entered Venus' 
 cities and communities
cleaning out parasitical tissue

a surgical constellation's
operative essence

Mars now in the second mirror
mirroring Saturn
in Aquarius
the coming 'father's

now the origin of
the  'father' 's 
become visible
 his sober readyness
to take responsibility
before God and 
 fellow countrymen
for the sacrifice of
sons and fathers
for the hail and honour
of man
and his children

Murnau, 7. 6. 2022, UTC: 16:35.