Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

Washington in Fever

Once again "Worldgovernement" and so on ...

"Kingsconjunction" in Earthelement from 1802
31 "Septar'' (7 Years-Period)
Washington (Chicago etc.)
2012 - 2019

Mars in 1. House in 2. Sign
The patient is in fever
Washington is in fever
Needs to be in quarantine

The seven-years-periods of the
"Kings -conjunctions" are like constellation-ladders which emerge like rhythmic rungs
out of the "Kingsconjunctions" in the four elements for about 800 years
into history


Washington cannot thrive on peace and must agitate the world in order to provide an arena for martinets and con men/women to play in.

For comparison:

"Kingsconjunction" in Earthelement from 1802
31 "Septar'' (7 Years-Period)
2012 - 2019
And here the german Department of Truth*

 "The Arsonist"
* in private hands

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