Mittwoch, 13. November 2019

Week of Waiver and Conciliation

11. 11.- 20.  2019
0:00 UTC
und unter den Nördlichen Königskonjunktionen
der vier  Elemente Feuer, Erde, Luft und Wasser
(Anklicken vergrößert)

C.G. Jung:

"The deviation and the putting one into the
opposite of  instinct creates consciousness.

C.G.Jung, Seelenprobleme der Gegenwart ,
 (Soulproblems of Presence)
Zürich 1931, p.  249

"Instinct is nature and will nature, consciousness however
can only want culture of their negation."

ibid. p. 250

In the vulgar-astrology rules the common view: Scorpio = Sexuality. Me thinks, so much is true with it, that nowhere else than in Scorpio sexuality is negotiated.

This diary depends on the fact, that the Earth since more than 4 Billion years was integrated in an immutable concert of fire, earth, air and water, before firth snails sprawled out their intelligence = palp into the space around = Twins.

Into us as youngest and most advanced link in the chain of earthly creatures is, like all of our ancestors is the drive inborn, to procreate. The relish of flesh and the lust of union have their material and emotional basis in Taurus and Leo. The Aquarius adds to them the faithless lust of freedom. These three qualities of time are confronted by the fourth, Scorpio, with it's ability to waiver for the lust outside of the common 'furnace', which provides the precondition for stable sexual unions in which the offspring can be groomed and raised.

46. Week 2019 AD 

Negotiation under Scorpio
upon Sun and Mercury
Lust and Wit
rules the condition of 
 creator's and writer's
state of waiver
on randomness

That is
creation and radiation 
of love
only within the borders
of the common furnace
that's the meaning
in the  "signs and times" of

Scorpio's water- element
state signifies 
the satiation of a symbolic liquid
'satiated with symbolic order-'
Scorpio = material as well as  symbolic crystallization
mirrored by Leo
in psycho/material forms created by
or with heart
(free will + discipline)

The chart shows Scorpion rules 4 gods of water, 2 of air, one ot earth. The chart tells when and with which Sun and Mercury have to deal this week. 

Sun, Leo,  heart
Mercury, Twins, intelligence
Mercury, Virgo,  Prudence

On Monday Mars was at the blue Pluto of air, by resonance of red Pluto of fire in Aries and Sun of earth in Cancer. 

Mars, Aries, teeth, claws

Pluto, Scorpio, waiver

Sun, Leo sovereignty

It was the constellation, when the President of Bolivia was forced to retire by military. 2 x Pluto = 2 times waiver, fire and air,  1 time earth-Sun.
Compare with Mars' placement in February-Putsch 2014:

2014, February 17 - 24

2014, February, 10 - 17

Next Tuesday Mars will enter Scorpio 
and coincidentally   will visit the authority 
of the king
father and son
Saturn and Jupiter 
of the element water
the element of feeling.

Mars, Aries, teeth and claws
Saturn, Capricorn, the father of human feeling
Jupiter, Sagittarius, the son of human feeling

Mars in Scorpio six weeks of waiver. And soon Mars reaches the grades of opposition with Uranus the toppler in Taurus to form an interplay of  social inspiration by the idea of man in Taurus and a subordination of the military under the 'King' in Scorpio ruled by Pluto in Capricorn.

So much for Libra and Scorpio, last week for the former's hospitality.

A short glimpse to Sagittarius, the funnel, the spirit of  time and sign with currently 5 gods of fire and 2 of air. Sagittarius-time is  a time of visualizing 'the big picture', a time  when all components might fall into their places.

Venus hovering under the Sagittarian sky will meet on Friday with air's Venus What might these two collectoresses find,to fill into the reserves, allowing to exist and think.

To Jupiter this week is the great 'spiritual' love-and -joy week in 12 years, passing Sun and Venus of the fire-element. Next week Venus will join the Jupiter in the celebration.

What a strange idea: in the unconscious depth of our collective psyche will be such an Apollo-bright  celebration with the 'zodiacal man' in us, with hitherto no bridge to our conscious minds. But mankind is young yet and the adventures of researching and understanding his deep unconscious goodly nature waits for countless coming generations .

Murnau, 11. 13. 2019, UTC: 17:49.


Mittwoch, 6. November 2019

Each One in the Magical Dust of "Kingsconjunctions"

11. 4. - 13. 2019
0:00 UTC
und unter den Nördlichen Königskonjunktionen
der vier  Elemente Feuer, Erde, Luft und Wasser
(Anklicken vergrößert)

" Whatever an archetypal content claims, firstly is a 
linguistic  simile.  Talking about Sun and identifies  
Leo with it, the king and the gold-treasure watched
 by the dragon and the vigor and power of health
 of man, so it is neither the one nor the other, but 
the unknown third, which more or less fitting is
expressed by all these similes, but ...
remains unknown and remains informulatable."

C.G. Jung, Psychology of the Child-Archetype, 
Coll. W. 9/1, § 267

45. Week 2019

in Venus' realms Taurus and Libra 
Uranus and Mars

Pluto's realm Scorpio
Sun and Mercury

in Jupiter's realm Sagittarius
Venus and Jupiter

in Saturn's realm
Saturn and Pluto

in Neptune's realm

Three gods (of God) are noted 
big: they are at home 

To be at home is to be in  1/12 of ones circular times
we are  not crafted, 
to be at home
we are
crafted  of warped lumber

three majors at their own place:
Jupiter for 1 year
Saturn for 2 years
Neptune for 14 years

and Pluto in Saturns realm
since 2008

45. Week

it's a rare week in a rare time hence
to watch
the colours of the four elements
telling of  the intesified resonances
in the third quarter of the zodiac
anthropos the great god
of meekness in man

which in autumn is so stacked on the
elements level 
in the rhythms of the Kingsconjunctions of 
Jupiter and Saturn

the two biggies in the family
which's rhythms
 got roots in human consciousness
of the astrologers of early Abbasid times

spinning around Sun like we, Jupiter catches Saturn every 20 years in a "Great Conjunction", in a distance of 0° of the zodiac.
Under the clear skies of Bagdad a meaningful observation for Generations of observing minds and their fathers and sons .

And the astrologers held to discern the places, where these Conjunctions happened and in the ninth
century Abu Ma'shar descibed these as series of 'every 20 years' -meetings in the signs of the same element in the zodiac. And he worked on the meaning, when such a series start in a new Element in his book 'on Religions and Dynasties.'

Currently, since 1980  till 2157 the great conjunctions  are taking place in the three signs of the air-element, Twins, Libra and Aquarius.

The zodiac, like a brain, seems to be  a living thing with the ability to save such Kingsconjunctions for those about 800 years,  till the next will be overlying i,  emerging  as a new collective day in the eon,  braided by the four eons of each of the four elements.

Well this is, to be swallowed by mankind since 1.300 years and mankind appeared as a slug ...

everlasting truth, 
waiting for man
to be humble gods 
unknown strains
creating in us
gently appearing
in annual rings

since 1980 it's time for the middle  layers of psyche in the sign of  Libra hence with the step beyond the ego-person, ending the ego- half  with Virgo.

It's the Venus- powered step beyond ego called 'love' conquering the giving heart aka Sun. In this realm this week remains Mars.

Venus herself, collecting and balancing in the realm of 'the funnel' , or 'the big picture', where the solutions emerge because in a circle everyone has his natural place, and Jupiter is always spinning at the upper edge of the funnel, in simile spoken, hence Venus now shares a wide worldview and ... in a hot week in a cold sign shares her spell, while the zodic at this 'radiating place'  remembers December 1603 when the Kingsconjunction  re- entered the fire-Element after almost 800 years,  and traveling Venus today is meeting the Mercury of the birthday of our fire-eon , 
and on Friday Venus will meet the majesty of fire Saturn + Jupiter, or father and son .
Vorlage 1603
Kingsconjunction in element fire

another fiery place is visited this week: Jupiter, at home meets heart, roots and balance of fire

this week

passing the 26/27° Sagittarius connects with  a powerful moment in the  order of things in the living zodiac:

2016. 11. 7. - 14.

Yet a word about Sun beginning the week with Neptune of water  while Neptune of earth waits on Monday. Now Sun , see Jung above, is in the Scorpio-  stage of the 'yearly good by' when the  leaves are leaving in the necessary eighth stage  of Scorpio. Heart in Scorpio gets the  canon of it's song. Save  what is saving, waiver for the rest.
 A Neptune-birthday in the zodiac is on a deep layer for heart a bath in  forgotten wisdom of feeling = water and of lodging = earth.

Same like with Sun goes with Mercury: save what is saving, drop the rest.

At last the first in the canon of the zodiac: 

still in Libra keeping the balance
on Sunday unites 
with the Pluto of the air element.
while today still in square-resonance with the effective
Pluto in the sky

this is a connection of Mars with  blue Pluto's
  order of the canon
with Mars' blind rage
in resonance with red Pluto'
in opposition
and in square with

This is the great resonance-cross of air, fire and earth in our eon. There is another one uniting water and air. The meaning? A Unity of  thriving, and waiver,  to become balance and peace on earth.

Murnau, 11. 6. 2019, UTC: 15:21.


Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2019

Holy Week for Brain, Heart and Belly

10. 28. - 11. 6. 2019,   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
 (click to enlarge)

I – Paradox

"Consciousness (brightness of the day) one of the
archetypes of the unconscious ...

"... originates from the fact, that the I has the paradox 
feature to be subject as well as object of it's knowledge,
on the other hand thence, that the psyche is no unity
but a "constellation" in which  besides Sun there are yet
other lights. In fact the subjective I- personality,
in other words thus the consciousness with it's contents,
in it's different contents, in it's different aspects, is
watched by an unconscious or rather in the room of 
the unconsciousness situated observer."

C. G. Jung
Mysterium Conjunctionis; Coll. W: 14/2   §167

Jung has frequently described this moment, when he was conscious of the  "in the room of the unconsciousness situated observer" in the stream of the archetypes and their daily moments, like we are in the weekly diaries here. These observations of the 'observer',  now since 12 years (English 5 years) come together in the Astromundane Diary before the approaching 'theater' of the coming week.
Surely, the observed, as I receive it,   moved in God.

44. Week

Mars' condition after collision
in Libra
is this one

Botticelli, Mars and Venus

while his mistress Venus is still in Scorpio
this Wednesday intimately accompanied by Mercury
serving the soul by 
 earth's  fire's air's
waiver of dominance
in favor of 
frozen water's

Hence Mars is part and parcel of
Venus' sacrifice
till Friday
as guest of Libra
but moreover
Mars has to part with Saturn and Pluto 
to find a union for a square
of Mars' place
with Capricorn' s
polar height
the entire week
  sacrifice - constellation

man cannot 'find' such constellations consciously but if a readiness has grown in heart and brain, the 'playing gods' become visible by 'coincidence'

but now the Sun-Story this week
ruling the Leo in everyone:
the heart

Sun in Scorpio second week
part in Saturn's and Pluto's  mixture with Mars

on the deeper level of space and psyche there are the four elementpresent in three stages in the zodiac

in four strikes of coincidence called Kingsconjunctions  the unconscious fundamentals of the conscious day were formatted


appearing in the zodiac as givens


starting the lower six days of creation with Aries ...
completing with 
while the heaven above has the
upper six
 above the mirror
calling the creation into being

44'th week 2019, late afternoon
northern hemisphere

So much for the movements on the stage of the week.

And here is the garden of the elements underneath the zodiacal level of our psyche where experimental astrology does the diary of the conjunctions of the lights and planets with the heavens of the four elements.

back to Sun eventually

today beginning with green Uranus the heavenly
man-god of feeling element water

 on Friday

Sun has blue Moon home of the soul
of the 'thinking' air element

on Sunday
Sun has green Neptune 
of the feeling water element

There might be the miracle of a  holy week wrapped in this one for heart and Sun each year methinks of these aspects of Sun - heart and nothing will change till 2157.


And here eventually is  the other intensity of the week concerning Mercury' intelligence and prudence and Venus' rule over roots and balance

Venus - roots and balance had Tuesday green Venus
of the feeling element in co-resonance
and has blue Uranus of the 'thinking element'on Friday
and next Tuesday the first of the fife  fiery places in Sagittarius
red Mercury

while Mercury - intelligence and prudence -
firstly till Sunday has blue Uranus
and becoming retrtrograd (see last diary)
will end with green Venus again

Jupiter's transits on the Kingsconjunctions are slow 1/12 of Earth's velocity, hence they last longer, so the entire week Jupiter has co-resonance with blue Neptune the child-god in the 'thinking element' at 23° Sagittarius.

Murnau, October, 30. 2019, UTC: 17:37.