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The Sagittarius of Arrows, Apt to the Point, Goes North

12. 4. - 11. 2019,   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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49. Woche

" collective nature of the archetype ... whilst the collective
archetype everywhere, id est in all man is one and the same, 
as well as all other biological basic functions or like all 
instinct within the same breed ..."

C.G.Jung,  The Conscience, Coll. W. p.§ 849

We all on the northern Hemisphere are collectively mostly cosmic Autumn/Winter - beings. This results for a deeper physio/ psychical layer the distribution of the effective constellations of the Kings-Conjunctions of the four elements to the seasons.

              • Spring 5
              • Summer 6
              • Autumn 13
              • Winter 9
The constellations of the four elements,  visited by Sun, Moon and planets, represent intensities on the deep elementary psycho/physical layer, effective underneath the layer of the 12 zodiacal characters. These intensities effect synchronicities, occurrences, being not bred by causality, but representing events of parallel meaning. 
The Kings- Constellations (K-C) of the four elements represent all in all the collective character of an eon of about 800 years. It changes about every 200 years with a new K-C in the sequence (fire-earth-air -water) of the 4 elements in the zodiac.  The oldest component of the actual 4 is that in the water-element of 1305, which will be replaced in the year 2159.

Now to this week:

Mars - Offensive
Venus Defensive
Mercury - Reconnaissance
Mond - Well
Sonne - Heart

These are the low 5, which rule the lower 6 zodions,  which mirror the upper 6
divided by the horizon.

It's currently a quarter of the collective northern zodiacal man
Aries, Twins, Virgo
which wins by  loosing
whilst Mars and Mercury their rulers
for their part are ruled by Scorpio
whose ruler Pluto
claims and promotes  waiver
in favor of the superordinated common
= Capricorn

while 'down' in Taurus
in the human herd
the human spirit
and great toppler
rules the unexpected synchronicities
till 2026

all other lights and planets are assembled in the upper half of the zodiac

three floors

in Sagittarius
calling the spirit into life
symbolized by

of the four stages of spirit
only Sagittarius
is in presence

his arrows 
as co-incidences
are coming from beyond
Pisces Aquarius  Capricorn
are preparing stages
like bud and blossom
preparing the fruit
of presence

meaning of the Sagittarius:
arrow to the point

meaning the dynamism of spirit
 fire- stage
always traveling
over the edge of the complete
funnel of time

you're heart even might look
onto the other ones

coming Monday Sun pays a visit with a blue god of the air element. It's Venus
securing the reserves and roots and the balance of pairing by Taurus and Libra.
Blue s the 'thinking' element, as air is invisible so is thought.
 The cosmic invisibility is the precondition for watching  Galaxies.

Venus will be collecting the unifying  conciliating 'fingers' like spiritual roots 
of the 'very fine' heart -shots.

Sagittarius' great god, Jupiter  meanwhile has entered the way of Capricorn for a year. on Monday, the day when Russian polar Gas went south into China for first time.
o 2008 was his last term in this one, however Saturn was in Virgo then, the in a late summer -mood, compared with now Saturn in his polar home Capricorn.

So the current  Jupiter might be found among people like Pepe Escobar.

also in Capricorn 
our roots and balance
 this midweek to unite with

what a strong foundation of unconscious elementary heart and curiosity of the 'thinking' and the feeling element on the polar stage of Capricorn where movement comes to an end.
Saturn ruling 
in his polar realm
about Pluto's soul-crystals
Libra's balances
Taurus' reserves and assemblies

and Luna 
and with her the feeling
had started on Monday the week in the border-less
thinking- rooms of Aquarius
end will end it
in the reasonable reckoning  of Virgo

For an overview here the week again with elementary visits:

Monday: Mars + blue Moon
Wednesday: Venus + blue Sun+blue Mercury
Thursday: Mars green Neptune
Thursday Venus + green Sun + green Mercury
Friday: Mercury+ green Venus
Saturday : Mercury + blue Uranus
Sunday: Sun + blue Venus

What could be the meaning of each of these 'cosmic days'? We'll not be conscious of it lest we do a kind of diary in silent corners of time, when a day or a week will be contemplated and the singular and unusual things will find their correlations in specific cosmic resonances.

Murnau, 12. 4. 2019, UTC: 17:25.


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