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There She is - the Human Venus


20.5.2015 Moskau UTC 16:46 (about)
That is the approximate moment, where the
  Internet-site "Russian Insider" disseminates her publication of the russian Video
into the Englisch speaking world


The Libra-borne Venusian and Präsident Putin provides to the Gods/archetypes signified by the planets
a rare chance, on high level (Capricorn!) to mirror themselves in the historical earthly "Son who is replete with his fathers" (Putin = Scorpio-Aszendent).

The constellation of the above moment in mundanomaniacs reading:

ASC 21° Scorpio
Sons replete with fathers
in the sign of fathers
ruling the  home range
(House 2)

Libra Venus 13,8° Cancer
keeper of the herd
and leading image
(House 8)

Entrance Into Time
Virgo Mercury 13° Twins
arbiter into the public
(House 7)

What kind of leading image
will emerge?
Leo Sun 29,4° Taurus
sovereign keeper of the herd
in the public
(House 7)


Cancer Moon 1,6° Cancer
House 8
shelter in the bridal

What home - range is provided?
Sagittarius Jupiter 15,2 Leo
sovereign and spirit-wide
Capricorn Saturn 1,8° Sagittarius
royal and polar wide

What arbitration is provided by
 the son replete with ... ?
Aquarius Uranus 18,8° Aries
suspension and origin

Where is he at home?
Pisces Neptune 9,7° Pisces
resolution of contradictions
 (House 3)
mediating in the  realword

and finally:

What is created by him?Aries Mars 6° Twins
(House 7)
the public strife isUranus in Aries

following the one whose 15 years as President and Prime Minister
are portrayed by the documentation

17.10.1952 Leningrad V.V.Putin

the red arrows are pointing  at Putin's Venus- and Uranus-resonances
at the moment of release (see above)

and according a hint to mundnomaniacs linkgarden
 to russian charakters

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