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About the Gods-Work of the Unconscious Psyche

11. 2. - 9. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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" The realization into the force of the unconscious is only then to conciliate with the aspiration of "higher humanity", if ... beneath the dark and evil unconscious, that about Freud conceived as bubbling cauldron filled with primitive sexual and aggressive wishful drives, also in addition a "higher unconscious" is conceptualized, a psychic agency whose potencies rest above all that patty and narrow rationalistic mind activity".
Paul Ernst, Maverick and Contemporary, P. 50 (German)
Further on  he writes on the trace of the C.G.Jung of 1911 ("Titanic" - year) while whose  study and description of the prelude of a psychosis, (ed. Engl.: 1956, Symbols of Transformation)   
"his outcome is, that the unconscious, [...] psychic activity of the sick person work at yielding on an own God - imagination, not adding up in the mastering of a clerical dogma. The Gods- work is expression for the unconscious strive of the soul, to come out of the chaotic manifoldness of the drive impulses to a inner unity [...] and thereby to constitute a personality kernel." Paul Ernst, ibid.

The "higher humanity", cited above,  accompanies as "spirit"sure enough,
invisibly like air, everyone, thus also the author
and the readers of this blog from the beginning
under the signature:

sign: Aquarius
element: Air
god: Uranus
man: 11. house
quadrants: the 4th

and in the image of the kernel spirit becomes
discernible as
out-most of the layers orbiting the kernel
far from lap and kernel
circling in relative nearness to God
strange to the village
like the dead and unborn
where we go and therefrom we come
into the world of appearances


and we now this week such in companionship
of the gods of herein and beyond

element gods: Mars Venus Mercury Moon

soul gods: Sun Mercury Venus Pluto

spirit gods: Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

today what to begin with Monday afternoon
still with the living
where is this yielding of the God- kernel
at the soul - kernel
where height also is depth
in the circles
around the kernel
 nearness and distance
tailor - nearness 
boatman - distance
united in the now

It's finally the the approach of Saturn
from the perspective of Neptune and of
Neptune from the perspective of Saturn
into the square
this mortal world and beyond
visible and invisible
now brewing over weeks
an then again drifting apart
and it's about the wine-press for the grape

and about the wine for the juice
this is age and rebirth

and so now every week further
in the rhythm of Saturn the old father
and  lord of the enduring again 
the cross as ever
and the  child savior of the Pisces
traveling in the image of Neptune
in interchange of resonances

and the week will be enlighted by
 Sun with heart's radiation and by
 Mercury with  talking voice of earth- and soul
both in the freedom of waiver yet above the horizon
in Scorpio cutting free the way for love

and Mercury is today
on Monday where Sun was recently
with the virtual old "green" soul - gods of  water
Saturn and Jupiter of 1305
invisible present here at 0,8° in Scorpio
since centuries decisive for the inner of all times of the present aeon indwelling the collective psychic landscape
in which the God-work of the soul of every individual is taking place

and further with Mercury

the talking voice
this week on Friday visit at
"green" Uranus of water element in 7,1° Scorpio
home of spirit
origin in opus
of the individual as spiritual substance
of the aeons soul 

and Saturday Mercury with "blue" Moon of the air
at 8,8° Scorpio
the young spirit's
bed in the new years night of 1980

and finally Sunday with Mercury at
10,5° Scorpio's  "green" Neptune
waters infinite goodness
of a god's element

what a Mercury - week 
of all three water-spirits
from the beyond of zodiac's 4th quadrant
in soul's Scorpio of the aeon
and in addition 
the lap-light of the air

now something different ...

it's the last week of  the fulfillment 
of the ability of Venus
in the vigilance of Virgo
and on Sunday the reward

beauty mirroring at the Libra
the easy journey of the gravity through the flesh

and Mars on the second last

of his fife fourdays-journeys through the
restraint of Virgo
days in the peak of the beginning
in the littleness
of the early potential

and in this week there is the opportunity of  heaven -like

unification of Mars and Venus
while conflicting on earth in
"the chaotic manifoldness of the drive impulses"
in a inner unity of the souls
in Virgo
being currently so involved in the God -work of the soul

and by Mercury
according to Scorpio lifted into the tier of waver 
 Pluto  in the beyond of Capricorn
will be again
in resonance to the great historical nearness of God
to this mortal world
according to Uranus in Aries
whose square in a growing wave of resonance
 surging over the winter - months then brakes
and measuredly then ebbing out

this waverwave of the spirit meets today (Monday)

with Mercury the shore of early Scorpio
as afore mentioned

and Jupiter now soloist

ads yet a last week
the fullfilment of the desire
with prudence and impetus

and Moon mashes apparently

this week
in the middle latitudes of the soul

but Sun and our heart
visites tomorrow (Tuesday) the "green" Neptune
hild of the water
and redeemer of the soul
in this aeon
since 710 years in Scorpio
and so for another 144 years

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