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Will the 'Sultan' move? (Added)

 1. - 8. 2. 2016

The Square of Sun and Mars is perfect now within 1° distance
life and aggression in resonance this weekend 
rulers of fire signs both demanding action

Let's have a look on some recent belligerent Mars-Constellations:


Tiflis' calculated- risk (= Virgo)- attack

Sun  in (Square) resonance with Mars of earth aeon

9.9.2013 Lawrow - Assad
Mars square Saturn 
no war
for this calculated attack Mars found a mountain -
the lord of Capricorn - in the (resonance) way

7. - 14.4. 2014
13.4. Begin ATO

  Sun of a Mars whose ruler Venus is in Pisces with Neptune
it's the Mars of  people helpless like child in complete rape
retro- Mars on his way back through the resonances
to the rare and fourfold square or great Cross
Pluto Uranus Jupiter Mars
heritage- mankind -  reconciliation - attack
of the "the big one":
Uranus square Pluto
2013 - 2016

and ATO is the raging blind
 leaded by the blind

forcing the ire of the
 civitas donbass'
to create standing men
(and women)
at the edge of
the newly created
men and women defying the enemy of mankind

and here once again 9.28. 2015 Mars in
New York
Putins Speech

9. 30. 2015
the air campaign 

It's a curbing-Mars-operation in resonance again with the planet of order Saturn
Fitting: "Russians do not start wars, they finish them"

and Erdogan?


Kings Conjunction in earth element 31. Septar
Istanbul for 2012 - 2019 (minor difference to Ankara)

on 17th of January 2016 the rhythms of seven months each, emanating from the ascendant, met at the western horizon (DC) and in both directions 
and now are carrying
the message of Aquarius/Uranus which seems to be the non-temporal  message of man
= Aquarius spending the waters of origin in the spirit

Uranus,  called the god of "surprise", just  being in solitary condition, leaves to me neither an idea referring to an aggression nor would an attack be a surprise as it is supposed in full publicity.

Generally the power of the northern hemisphere, embodied in the image of Leo, these seven years is rising (ASC) from east of Paris till almost the Ural incl. Istanbul/Ankara  and is only in the Russian part with Sun in house 11 out of the "frustrating" 12th house - frustrating for all vassals of the hegemon who are to be places of power in these 7 years but in house 12 are like children among adults.

house 11 allows origin-now of coming future
mirrored in the order of safety and prosperity
of house 2

Kings Conjunction in earth element 31. Septar
Moscow for 2012 - 2019
So now back to the Turkish - Syrian border and the Sun-Mars-connection of this weekend

2. 1 - 8. 2016

The rule says: a light/planet  is ruled by the sign in which it is moving and by it's ruler.

So Mars is ruled by Pluto in Capricorn and Sun by Uranus in Aries. Uranus rules for mankind without borders and Pluto rules for the unconscious share with the dead and unborn great grand children.
 This Mars is signifying a possible seizure by psychic images of inherited rage. In that case Sun and
Mars would be in a elementary hostile version of square between Aquarius = man and Pluto = tribe within Aries = rage and Aquarius coolness. As the Aquarius-party encompasses humanity and heritage the heritage-only party is in dire straits.

Update 2.14,2016:

Kurds, being shelled by the Turky in North Syria could signalize the emergency of another dirty kind of equilibrium called: "frozen war" alongside a Border of Russian civilisation. So one could say: for the new equilibration of world poles: from a bug to a feature?
Divided Major(Main-) cities are known since 1945, deeper rifts since 1045.
Anything is possible but not anytime.
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