Sonntag, 8. Januar 2017

A Boring Week Before the Titanic Sinks?

1. 9. - 16. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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1. 11. 2017

No change this week
besides Moon certainly
and Venus

she the brick laying

now receives the complete strip
off any clothes
cause ...

"so we came without nothing
and with nothing
we'll return" 

it is the complete return
into the dough
out of which it will return with new time stamps

so the last stage of the zodiac's circle
is Pisces
back into the sea
out of which

  1. 11. 2017

whatever  Mars the robber
last year till September
will be returning into the nowhere in
gods memory 
only Mars of the angels
fighting for water
of man 
might prevail
in man

together with Mercury and
fighting for dance-shoe
 and tower
to dry the swamp

there are two on earth
father and son
these two of the same root of honor
plus papa Bejing

each of these
has land enough
for the number of problems
man can deal with
in the best brothership of man

so now these current weeks
Taurus-Twins- Virgo - Libra
is to be canceled soon
complete solution 

and will start anew
after purgatorio
like after


 1. 20. 2017
From  Tower to Wings

God bless the day

Sun inheriting
command in the
 the middle kingdoms
of the zodiac


back to Pisces

when Mars  - Venus - Mercury
will leave purgatory

will be
earliest end of January
springtime for attac

first week February
springtime for 

and not earlier than
 middle of March
springtime for media

very small
out of saving boats
like every new

 Kreml added with Trump Power
the critical mass 
for man's angels
might have been reached
back in house nr. : 

to begin with
what will be underneath of our 
 crust of conciousness  
likewise not hijacked but kicked
by synchronicities
with the archetypes
for awakened  consciousnesses
guided by
 astrology above the Earth-matters of the Sun 

now this week's said Mars
 into square with Saturn

the attacer in Pisces with the father
in Sagittarius

Mars + Saturn = 
the spring beyond
on the table

Now, what else?
compared with last week's Sun in the the joy of staying
called Capricorn
considering last week's meeting = uniting of 
Sun with Pluto
give and sacrifice
in Sun's polar command 
Sun is now as I write
riding the  nine last of thirty days
in the law of the Four
then on Jan. 20 she will go into
wings of the Eleven 
called Aquarius

and Mercury now entered the segment that leads him behind 
Sun but till then he appears in a decent distance to the king
 tomorrow Thursday
 the level of news
are going to change 
coming from crests again of the father
fetches the bow again
after ther son 

al other actors remain at their positions in the great chorus
of Venus - borders in solution
 and in Libra
might be guiding the lifeboats
of true sons

while the Moon and with him the roots in families
drifting the river  of Cancer along
 till Thursday night 
then Friday morning the dream of the center kindles
in dreamers halls with Moon in the sign in Leo
and with her quick changes of soul-light
Mercuria rules the pantry of the dreamfloating boat...

Januar, 8. in Murnau UTC 19: 30
9.1.2017 UTC 18:50.
In English: 1. 11. UTC 21:14.

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