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Center and Periphery are Marrying on Friday

4. 10. - 17. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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  4. 12. 2017
Concerning Venus and with her generally the communal life, be it in the sense of Taurus = the survival - community or of Libra = the community of the sexes.
With the rhythms of Venus the boundaries  setting earth is ruling forver the stronghold of  earthly empires in the doubtfull sense of pax Romana or pax Americana
Tacitus (56 - 120 A.D.):
"To plunder, to slaughter, to steal, these things they misname empire; and where they make a wilderness, they call it peace."
But whereever Venus sojourns, always the heavenly spirit of her signs will reside, namely where  there is not missing respect and esteem towards the stranger. But also the  earthly demon will be lingering there underneath his demonic guises, which under the mask of the good seizes us hoodwinking us in our harmlessnes

In fact and reality we do not enyoy a masterless freedom, but are always threatened by certain psychic factors, which can seize hold of us as "natural facts". The far-reaching withdrawal of certain metaphysical projections is handing us over to this occurence insofar nearly helpless, as we promptly identify us with each impulse, instead  of calling this one with the name of an "other", whereby it would be kept away at least at armlength and could not promptly usurp the citadel of the ego. "Masteries" and "Powers" are present forever, we cannot and do not need to create them.It only applies to us, to chose the master, we want to serve, so that his service might protect us against the domination of the "others" which we have not choosen. "God" is not being created, but chosen."
C.G.Jung, Psychology and Religion, Coll.W. 11, § 143. (my translation)

It is Sun in Libra showing Venus heart as goddess of  tempting and allowing, who, according to the Greek myth,
 mollifies Mars in her lap.

Libra, the balance  shows
the image in which the urge is satisfied, the thirst is slaked, the desire of body and soul is resting tired from the lap of Venus
May God quietly be thanked, that he placed this sign into us and deep thanks to the ancient Egypts who placed this sign into the zodiac.
at the place where the Sun is sinking beyond daylight 

Libra love solace
doubble-form of heaven + earth
in the mirror of Virgo
mirrore in soul
opposite-partner  of hunger

Venus now in the loop backwards while in the depth of Pisces
approaching the rhythmical resonance-center
with Saturn

in the fire-brightness

of 26-27° Sagittarius
where Jupiter and Saturn 1603 met for their
first conjunction    since about 800 years
in a sign of the fire-element

The four Kingsconjunctions in the four Elements where according to the great arabic astrologer Abu Mas'har significant for the fate of and with dynasties.
Anyway, the addition of Saturn and Jupiter = the father is in the son. And as the "father's" realm is invisible like a word, so this Saturn/Jupiter' meaning is:

 the invisible father is in the visible son

 Those Kings-conjunktions give us  time,  for round about 800 years,  for molting of times and elements and man can chose, like Jung stated, which God's fate one will share or which demon's.
Venus in Pisces is including delight and risk of anesthesia 
and borderlessness 
till April 29.

 affected by that are the 
Venus-signs Taurus + Libra
 and the Saturn-sign
Capricorn and their
Aquarius Virgo Twins

whatever houses in the horoscope of
the individual
they ever may occupy

 And like always on the six days of creation 
heaven is mirroring in earth
in the togetherness of psyche and her
 psychoid archetypes  
and the symbols for the unsaid word

enough with the resonances of heaven and father
on the community

 let's go to Sun and Uranus this week
today 'Wednesday is the day-before-the day-before
star  heart and center
of a starworld  on
 her yearly touching  the axis of
  Uranus Sun Earth
in common rhythms 

and in Aries its the week of the year
for the heart of the fighter
protecting the stranger
this union is an extreme one
cause Sun = center
given power-well for the entire
cosmic family 

Uranus signifies the outmost periphery
 around a star

Aquarius his realm is the heavenly meaning
of "our likeness" 
governing the heavenly air-realm of thoughts
and birds
his symbol is the stranger
in Zimbabwe was custom to ask a stranger
for a judgement while strife in the community  

Uranus is a spiritual God of Balance
by buoyancy 
in the air of thinking
necessary for the entire system
center + periphery
in paradox unity

2017 15 . week

man and    heart
in early blind connection 
mirroringthe depths of innocence

5,5 Pisces

24,5 Aries

now with Sun 

 Pluto + Jupiter

the entire autumn-winter-spring 
rhythmical cluster

boring  the ladies here finally
stirred togthter by the times
of God
around his 6 days of creation

while this week
in the second mirror 
of Taurus and Aquarius
while nature puts on her green dress
Mercury and Mars are busy
in the movement of detonaters and oppinions
 while demonish ruled by the "invisible
= Venus in Pisces 
camouflaged as state 

an additional wash cycle seems to be necessary
with abnormal enlightments
by an attack of the Empire
from the water 

unconsciously streaming
Mars in Taurus (ruled by invisible Venus = company)
in resonance with the - deeper unconscious -
Mars of the Kings-conjunction of 1802
in the signs of the earth-element

so we have:
Mars = the aggression/impatiencce
ruled by the doubble secret (= Neptune in Pisces)
"Community" = Venus

In Washington  seemingly enough swamp-demons have gathered
for the momentum of Mars between 14,1° and 18,9° Taurus
above and underneath the  American consciousness
 not to have been wasted the trigger but been used
for a temporary release of pressure
under the whitch-kettle on the hill
of Washington
where the world will be kept stirred
until July 17. 2019
 when finally America can draw back cosmicly


 time for Moon
in Mesopotamia and among the Germans a he 
with the Romans a she

Moon had his Full-Moon-stage on Tuesday in Libra
full-Moon  showing this yin and yang together
of which the Earth is made
in the equal rule of  opposite-partners 
in nature
warriors heart and the experience of the woman

cause Moon rules the water element
which as forewaters have their place in the woman 

till Friday noon Moon-rivers in Cancer are ruled by Pluto
as Moon moves through Scorpio
time for waiver and sacrifice
necessary for the survival of the species 

since Friday then the rivers within and without share
the moments of becoming complete
by coincidence
only possible as long as the therefore necessary halves
are not already "somehow" agglutinated

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