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Till Next Monday: 4 Rulers of 5 Realms on the Cold Throne of Capricorn

12. 20. - 27. 2017 
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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Since today, around 6 UTC Saturn is at home in his own realm Capricorn.

Having a meaning to a lot of folks.

To me it depends on my part-personality number 7 = encounter = Capricorn
begs the question - where?
and the answer: there = Saturn's place

he who digs in a person will find
big time

what part of us is relocated with Saturn?
answer: that ruled by Capricorn
you have to do a step for your own:
haveing to look for the house of
your Horoskope and the place Saturn
is standing.

Said house has a "wellcome"
 for life beyond time
called Capricorn and it's 'twelth'
part of the whole.

ruler Saturn is  a 'walking castle'
returned home at fatherly land
still  beyond time and deptht

but my dear friends in the Vineyard
are beyond the beyond
but on the socket-layer of our souls
there might be more truth
than in consciousness

My friend Denis in the Vineyard
as I understand him:
'only the gods understand what I write'
is it the gods fault?

may one ask?
what's up with your 'god's-layer

ok my translation of this  week:

maybe it's sometimes better to understand the gods
than to dig your neighbour

and one could rove with them
like innocent adults asking
the child within onself about  how things
might chose their way

depending on one's dwarfness outbalancing
one's  universeness

well Saturn will be followed by
Sun on Thursday
Venus next Monday

there was a roring: "Astrologers caution in the net.
Sub + Saturn entering  Capricorn in conjunction!

So what? I say, about every 30 years

four rulers of fife realms of twelve

on the cold throne of the north all ruling their realms winterly

this is given to do a little meditation this week by giving the 'gods' an innocent chance to appeare to one's senses as aranger of synchronicities.

 12. 20. - 27. 2017 

the 'assembly of the gods' under the
judgement of God
this week

Two times
 in Scorpio
 Mars does the kickingby the green 'feeling' element
again since January 2016 
 in the soul-sign of water-element
Scorpio the sacrificer in us

given, that the planets are not only corporal rhythms of a star-family outside of us but also inside in us in the inner universe of psyche and the speaker within  is older than any worm like a father ...of the Universe

For those who like to dig:

There are two valleys and a crest within
a blue one

if you study the chart you will find two green one:

like two ridges
both are seperated 
by a blue valley

 Kings-conjunctions in the water-element of feeling= green
and of thinking = blue

finding an open door by Mars 

the green ones since 1305
amd for another 150 years

and for the blue one since 1980

each 1,6 years a Mars is coming along
an igniter
might be in the sense of Jesus
according to Luke 12,49 saying:

"I have come to set the world on fire, and I wish it were already burning!

and right between these two high spiritual waves
of green element of feeling
Uranus and Neptune
is the high valley of the blue Moon
this week
a new idea on the virtue of 
called air-element
Moon = Cancer = being contained
by thinking


Venus this week serves in the third third of 
as collectoress of the perceptions of the wholeappearing in it's myths
Wednesday till Friday high blessing 
to harvest for such 
who like to gather in this realm for all of us

Friday - Saturday
time to harvest the venus-Diamonds of the year
= Venus passing Sun and Venus of fire-element from, 1603

fire = forever earliness
beam mirrored by waterin the horizon of the soul

Sagittarius-fire is the high fire
= meaning in time

51,  Week 2017

down in the first mirror Aries-hellfire of hunger
is  to mirror Neptune's content

and in the fifth mirror we find Leo's
mirroring Scorpios ideas for sacrifices

Sun will be following Saturn tomorrow on Thursday
both relocating from the 'son' to the 'father'

we all should remember the relocation of Pluto
from the 'son' to the 'father' in November 2008 ...and the music stopped...

heigh and harsch is the command of Capricorn
tho pole is ruling the hemisphere
and for a week they will have been  ruling together Sun close with Saturn
against corruption in the top
together with Sun's farmost son Pluto
and by him over the 'son' Jupiter

that's the way like under Saturn
as judge Jupiter as lawyer
now  again like betweem 11/1988 and 2/1991
but now without the toppler Uranus and without the 
thaw-er Neptune

10. 9. 1989 Leipzig
Mass-Demonstration without violence

And further the toppler Uranus at between 24 - 25° Aries is unveiling the carmic debt
of the consuming man in 'red' resonances to the 'blue' resonances of  24,5° Libra  = the carmic debt of the thinking man in the space of rational utility and their resonancwith the central conscious brightness in women and in the anima of men at 24,5° Cancer = Sun of the earth-element
recently embodied by Angela Merkel

17. 7. 1954, 17:54 MEZ, Hamburg

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