Samstag, 1. September 2018

The Perfect Square-Sailor

7. 10. 1952, Leningrad, Vladimir Putin
with transits of the
The State of the Nation Address  of  3. 1. 2018

The 'gods', planets, Archetypes ... are the donors of intensities by their 'resonances'. Who donates here and what?

Jupiter off Scorpio in square-resonance  to Pluto in Leo

Jupiter always refers to the overall picture and to the concinnity of the parts to the perfect form.
The form itself is Pluto, always refering to the waiver, the taking-away, of possibilities to consume to let emerge the form of sovereignty, hence the sacrifice necessary for the existence of the species, the country the coming generations. Pluto in Leo refers to the sacrifice of given wealth.

Pluto off Capricorn in square -resonance with Neptune/Mercury in Libra

Neptune/Mercury is simply the speaking of the truth. Pluto, coming from Capricorn: aka the sacrifices of the state. Libra refers to the condition of  balance

Squares are elementary contradiction, in the case of Jupiter water/fire, in the case of Pluto earth/air.

In ethical living ~'with the gods', it's possible,  instead of in strife 'to do' the squares creatively, cause the gods do principally respect  the sovereignty of each one member of the Sun-family.

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1. 9. 2018, UTC 20:35


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