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Heritage Leading Life Back to the Sender

10. 8. - 17.  2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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"If we ... denote God as archetype, so nothing is 
predicated about His actual nature. But we just 
note with this the acknowlegment, that "God" in our
soul, preexistent to our consciousness, is earmarked
and hence in no way can be regarded as an 
invention of our consciousness."

C.G.Jung, , Memories, Dreams, Reflections…
 p. 350 (German ed.)

That tekes effect also for "pious" and "pur". My 
non-religious mother prayed with me before sleeping:

"Dear God, make me pious that I'll come into heaven."

"I am small, my heart is pure shall no one dwell
in but Jesus alone."

Today I believe that all inward is mirroring the outward.

41. Week

What changes?
nerves, brain, ways
affiliated to no party

as example:

1946. 6. 14. UTC 14:54
Jamaica NY
Donald Trump

the heavenly writer
since Wednesday morning in Scorpio serving Pluto
in Capricorn
heaven's judgement about

The death-scale with Thoth (Hermes, Mercury) with his Ibis-head bird-eyes as writer of the verdict.

and today on Wednesday
Mercury finds himself united with the green
Saturn/Jupiter  at 0,8° in Scorpio 

Mercury the messenger-god notifies the verdict over the heart
on the scale weighed against the feather of Maat
the goddess 
and notifies
with the Aegyptian man,
way back before
Christ and Buddha
and Lao Tse
and before Moses and Abraham
and in the tents and in the caves in the silence
under the stars

was the longing of the dark inward

lap, river

for the light and it's bringer
male spirit

to whom the reading senses of Mercury and Artemis
provide the evident in 
World and Soul

As i read this, the god of our reading senses, Mercury is encountering in the outside = within -mirror an intensity of heritage of leading images = Scorpio
And it is the encounter of  Saturn/Jupiter, King and Son,, God and Jesus,  Osiris and Horus. One day in the year, today, Mercury has to note the  birthday of the immortal King and Son of  water which I translate with 'feeling'.
Now this intensity around 0,8° Scorpio 'induces' intensities at the opposite- and the two square-positions.

image showing the order, sand is attaining on a vibrating steel-plate
with the main-cross connecting the knots hence each grade's intensity is = 4 grades intensities.

Hence 0, 8° Taurus, Leo and Aquarius are in resonance to Mercury's encounter on Wednesday and this encounter receives the partnership in opposition of Uranus the toppler who in Taurus  is forever cleaning any  stage for the 'child' to come and rule.

And further two elements 'birthdays', of water and air are in resonance to this highly complex grade in the zodiac of the current aeon of the four elements.

And all that
in the soul-crystals
of Scorpio

whose measure we receive with Pluto
since 2008
from Capricorn
where  the immortal erected 'dead king'
 Osiris' at his scale judges
the demons of ego in man
which will be eaten by the croko-dog
at the scale

appreciating the immortal heritage of order
in the zodiacal images of time
inviting to thankfull submission
into order
and rewarding the waiver of arbitrariness
 with precise intensities

So much for Mercury in and out of us this week, our ability to speak and to listen, and to see and to smell, as I said: Nerves, brain, ways.

with Mercury are Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio
under the guide of Pluto ' heritage
in the strict way of Capricorn
Mercury's Twins + Virgo
Venus' Taurus + Libra
Jupiter's Sagittarius

are calling their mirror 
the heart
to create
what they are calling for:
resurrection of the heritage

And Sun's square with Pluto pulls in the same direction, while Venus's square with Mars in Aquarius signifies the heavenly freedom of thinking, the order of time and number enables.

and under a new Moons guide
our perceptive souls have the chance
to immerse into the immortal images
leading life back to the sender
to unload the honey
of mortality

Murnau, 10. 10. 2018. UTC: 17:13.


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