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Sophia and Anthropos - Third Week After 'mysterium coniunctionis' ...


11. 23. - 12. 2. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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Instinct, Nature

"The deviation from and the  setting-oneself-into- opposition
to instinct creates consciousness."
C.G. JUNG, Seelenprobleme der Gegenwart, 
(Soul-Problems of Presence) Zürich 1931, 249

"Instinct is nature and will nature. Consciousness  however
can  only want culture or its negation"


and the zodiac? Is it nature or culture?
obviously a form
comprising the two 

the 3 is always the answer 
to the 2
which in the lower part
is a struggle of annihilation
of two elements
fire and earth
attack and defense
west and east

the 3 as a form 
wherein 1 and 2 find
their space to move in
according their 
part in the entire creation

 in the zodiac
signs language of
  Twins gives
quality thinking
Aries and Taurus
their necessary and legitimate
granted by the element
 higher viewpoints
 allowing  to perceive 
and discern
what is given

and America currently has a great Twins
with Sun in house 10
now with the chance
to be voted out of office

and to deal now primarily
with addressing
himself to the  the 'third party'-power
of the 'deplorables'

and so you are 
and are  we positioned in


and Sophia

this week

you see her collective  air- ascendant
existence of 
ruler Venus

a spirit of the middle
encounter of air
with fire
in the zodiac

in which
the truth of the 
female heart
lives and suffers

here then is the calm of the 
well, leading to the inner secret
by just  being there

COURBET, Origin of the World

48. Week 2020


the male - blind validity
attending the legitimate dumbness
of all beginning
accompanied by 
God's Spark
deep in heart

all male  swiftness
now has changed  gear
ahead again
still in own territory

third week after
mysterium conjunctionis of
Mars and Venus
in Libra and Aries

having been  the begin 
likewise for Anthropos

and Sophia

with her
in Scorpio's second female  house

on the stage of the week
from Anthropos
to 'spend the leaves'  - as it's time 
of the year to spend
for staying well
and feed the species

looking at Scorpio ruling the the stage  of
Eva, Helena, Maria, Sophia,
 the second female house is
Scorpio: feeding
 fat and balance
wokenness and detachment
 to her breed 

on the other hand, with Anthropos, what is it, that he has to feed? Scorpio means to males:

 5. mirror: 
heart's truth
 highest offer
 man's heart 
might spend 
to female her child
and family

and Venus walking through the autumnal garden of time is meeting  the same 'radio-active' spots like Mercury last week. While this week
Mercury still in Scorpio
touches the old green 
collector Venus
on Sunday
and the blue Uranus
of the air on
something like the highest thought

And now to the fire-mountain of the fire-element, where Saturn and Jupiter 1603 in Sagittarius met for the Kingsconjunction in the element fire starting a new fire-aeon for about 800 years.

Thursday Sun will  meet fire Mercury at 4,9° Sagittarius and on Monday Sun will pass at 8,3° Sagittarius the highest authorities of the first element. 


 highest rim of the 
dancing funnel
under and above the 
recognizing horizon
of consciousness 

 Sun shining on
vividness of meaning
and son

like the nozzle and funnel
or  pole and equator

coming into  heart-time
of excellent joint

being received 
by Cancer
like feeling
of a great 

mirrored by earth 
over 'horizon'


since all 

in the soul
of the universe
living in us

Murnau, 11. 25. 2020. UTC: 17:36.


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