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With Sun Into the Heart of Innocence and the Keys of Mars and Uranus for Man's Twelve Doors


2. 15. - 24. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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Truth in us ...

What kind of mania blindfolds you? Since in you not 
emanating from you, all this will be, what you are looking 
 for outside of you and not within you. Such uses to be the
the vice of the rascal, that he spurning all own, always is 
craving for the alien ... In us namely a life is shining 
  twilighted, being a light of man quasi in the darkness
which not emerging from us but in us is to look for, 
but not descending from us, but from Him, who condescends
to take his home also in us ...He has planted this light within us
that we with the light of Him who is dwelling in inaccessible
light would see the light. Thereby we are made verily similar
 to Him, that He has given us a spark of his light.  The truth is
thus not in us, but in the picture of God, which is in us, to 
be searched.

Gerardus Dorneus, "Philosophia Meditativa",  in Theatrum Chemicum, 1602

I know this spark by myself, it is in the heart, I firstly have experienced it in 1980as a warming of the heart likewise with the image of the 'Solo Sunny'/civilization, which is free of the blame of western world of out-sucking the world.

The religion around this spark around which the heaven is turning, carries my life since then and is reason for my 

Astrological Diary
by which heaven
can have his share
with man as
spirit and 1/2 soul
above the horizon

below the horizon
the lower half
Matter and 1/2 Soul
traversed by rivers
seared by flashes 
embracing heaven and
mirroring the spirit
for God's sake

therefore in the focus of the first mirror:

2. Week 2021

the child of the sea and
since Thursday
in addition heart in the sea of

thereunder likewise

under the horizon
Aries 1. mirror
with and without

beside it
in the 2. mirror
mirroring a coming world
whose Mars
in the zoo
 of future
may have a stay in appearance
like in future
the dangerous 

the herd's heads
 with Venus in the spirit of
Aquarius now attendant
easy and 'winged'
to find God's share of man
within him

as current heavenly contend
 jittering the threshold of tradition
by the spirit of 
Uranus in Taurus

where the fire is lurking
in the parks 
like Mars in Taurus
 in resonance-square
with Venus in Aquarius
spirit with stuff
what the unconscious 
effortlessly brings to union 
 not forgetting from the beginning
 still  circling within the same wheels
in the architecture of time

the presence-consciousness by contrast
without spirit
reduced to the visible
only to be locked
in imaginings of
impotentness not able
to be united
not able to express the united square
united like nature
with it's colours
as long as  missing
the warming
which changes everything
coming in man for

back to the week

like described
Venus square Mars

or Earth 
and heaven better unite

Taurus ruled by
Venus ruled by Uranus
ruled by Venus

further ruled by Uranus

our narrative-ability
mirrored in 
 in Capricorn Pluto
(since 2008)

 momentous 'gas'
all of us
in a collective 

in the way of a collective waiver
by which those fair best
who consciously since longer lived a way of
multiple waiver
called coming age

together with the other heavenly
beyond border

life lust and waiver
circle to die and be 
new born

father-'gas' -Saturn
think-'gas' Mercury

the really rare rally
- Mars -Uranus complex-
construction- 'gas'
ready in our unconscious home
of faith

mirrored in our herd-drive
of Taurus
in us
with Uranus- and Mars-keys
for the 12 houses
 of man
striving for truth
and meaning

on Thursday then
in Pisces
the heart
of innocence
in rivers flowers
trees  animals
and children

for 30 days

Murnau, 2. 17. 2021, UTC: 16:06 and 16:30.



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