Donnerstag, 25. März 2021

Plugging of the Canal: Uranus 'Did' It

 Tuesday , 3.23.2021, UTC 5:40:

Uranus was ascending (= rising into appearance) when the EVER GIVEN came off course. Anyone, having even a little licked on astrology, knows: Uranus = leaving the straight course. 
Three minutes before the ascendant was exactly on 8,6° Taurus, the disaster started on the bridge (square Uranus/Saturn) of the vessel. What it was? A swallow of some 'Dionysian' stuff? They tell us it was 'the wind'. However what Ever was GIVEN, seemingly was not to be avoided, shit happens.

Pluto at the MC telling, what is coming into time in exactly this moment: it's the stop (Capricorn) of the schedule (Pluto).
Murnau, 3. 25. 2021, UTC: 21:57.

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