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Age of Superman - Declining in the Light of the Day


11.  22. - 12. 1. 2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 

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Make your screen as small
as necessary.
But clear it up.
The cleanser is the zodiac

In the islamic gnosticism they say, that in the  ages of the
angels the angel Harus originated. This took the spirits of
the planets and of the zodiacal signs of the powers of the
 heaven, 360  and the Earth altogether and created thereof
 man Adamus following the form of the highest heaven 
(hence round). He was, like Harus huge. Harus corresponds
 to the anv andropus (upper man). This   ides shows
distinctly  Sabaean influence."

 zum antiken Synkretismus, p.114)

" It is now a psychological rule, that an archetypus, which
has lost it's mataphysical hypostasis, becomes identical with
the individual consciousness and swayes and  modifies . And 
as an archetypus always owns a certain numinosity, so this 
integration of the latter causes as a rule an identification of the 
subject. It answers therefore just like  the psychological 
expectation, when GOETHE denotes his Faust as "Übermensch"
(Superman). This type stretches most recently via NIETZSCHE
 far into the political psychology, and proves by this his incarnation
in man with all the consequences, which one can expect by such a
takeover of power."

C.G.JUNG,  Coll. W. 11, § 472

"The contend of the collective unconscious, the archetypes, 
in question with psychological  mass phenomena, are always
 bipolar, i.e. they have a positive and a negative side." 

C.G.JUNG, Coll. W. 10, § 461

"The true leaders of mankind are always those, which
reflect on themselves and  at least reduce the heavy weight
of the mass by their own weight, by  consciously  hold aloof
from the blind nomologicallity of the affected mass.

ibid. Coll.W. § 462 

"But what is the resolution?
It is always something ancient an precisely because of this
something new, when something long since passed away, 
comes back again in a changed world, it is new.

To give birth to the ancient in a new time is creation.

This is the creation of the new, and that redeems me.

Savation is the resolution of  the task.

The task is to give birth of the old in a new time.

The  soul of humanity is like the great wheel of the zodiac
that rolls along the way.

Everything that comes up in a constant movement fro below
to the heights was already there.

There is no part of the wheel that does not come around again.

Hence everything that has been streams upward there, and what
 has been will be again.

For these are all things which are the inborn properties
of the human nature.

It belongs to the essence of the forward movement that
 what was returns.

Only the ignorant can marvel at this.

Yet the meaning does not lie in the eternal  recurrence of the same, 
but in the manner of it's recurring creation at any given time."

C.G.JUNG, The Red Book, p. 311

insofar the astromundane diary is a constant attempt, to at least half-consciously attend the old to be new- created,

and to forgett it and to find it sometimes anew in life

doing  this in the position of one own prong, in my case as a moment of Cancer in  individually appearance by ascendance. So  this mundomaniac observes the wheel in the high position of his Sun and the low position of his ascendant. And Mercury following Sun has to speak Sun's heart, in the fourth quadrant speaking for 

all of us
in the collective depth
of the four
under  the  monthly signs
and the element earth
into being  the bed of life
for the stream of
intake and
in the middle between
the two banks
of extremes
of getting and giving
carrying life in river's images
of it's ships
and fishes

47. Week 2021
Mars the scream
of blood and lava
outburst of the elements
creating new land of soul
out of the unexpected 
for years and
millions of years

still in Scorpio
Mars raping
by burglaries
what is due 
over the year
 due to
to keep balance
in Anthropos
and with


underway in the high halls of
 determinating the fundaments
of the non-temporal 
like already Pluto
lord of waiver and renunciation
serves to
guarding the original form
of 12
since 13 years
in Capricorn
now together with Venus
love as matrimonium
beyond time


Saturn discerns in Aquarius
the outlines
of the coming 
of the original order
after the fall
of the prevailing
like balls
out of the collective dream
like spiritual foxes
hoovering into
and over the self
of everone's dream
reeling and rolling
like time-balls
 of the planets
in the ball bearing
of the Sun-wheel
whose axis
on Monday moved into Sagittarius


 in Sun's ball bearing
following today
from the wheel of 
into Sagittarius' round
of joint
with Sun heart
with Mercury
language reason and calculus
now in the fiery
 bright spirit
of reconciling
in the original symbols 
of joining
 the eternal shapes
on the level of spirit
above  soul 
and elements

and under his 
Jupiter and Saturn
father and son
attending the outlines of
 new coming times
by Aquarius'
in Aquarius' earthly mirror
as Saturn's son and now ruler of
Sun and Mercury
and in his earthly mirror
in Taurus
Saturn and Jupiter
find their origin
in their heavenly ruler's
'original jump'
in the communities
on Earth
on the northern hemisphere
and it's
six mirrors of Anthropos
this week


47. week 2021

second mirror
father and Son
Saturn and Jupiter 
in the house of Uranus
mirored by
origin down below
in the heads of 
now  still
in the general of


And here eventually the week in it's four-colored 'socket-days' of the four elements which result from the four Kingsconjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter in the signs of the four elements:

Entwurf 21. 11. 2021, UTC 15:24.
Murnau, 22.11.2021, UTC: 16:23 und 17:11.
IN English: 11.24.2021, UTC: 17:57 and 18:07.

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