Freitag, 28. April 2023

Undersigning of New Russian Naval Doctrine

 This is a kind of continuation of my instalment of recently

Always remember: Time = content

Conjunction, square and opposition signify shared common intensities of different dynamics.

Kingsconjunction in Earth-element von 17.7.1802
31. 7. 2022 Moscow
Undersigning the new  Naval Doctrine

7. 10. 1952 Leningrad, Vladimir V. Putin
31, 7.2022, Moskau
Undersigning the new  Naval Doctrine

1. You have the conjunction of Mars/Uranus = enforcement + origin intransit to Neptune of the earth-element and the conciliator Jupiter of  V.V.Putin's protective imagination concerning the maritime safety of the multipolar humanity.

2. You have the exactmost opposition of  Pluto = the sacrifice, to  the earth-elements Kings-conjunctions Sun/Mercury = sovereignty + economy and
of Saturn and Mercury to V.V.Putins Pluto, the god or  archetypruling his ascendant =nature in the most kingslike position possible at the throne of the world.

 Both con-stellations correspond perfectly with Andrei's emphasis on the  Mercury/economy-Aspect of the Naval Doctrine.

3. You have Neptune on V.V.Putin's Mars, meaning self-evident.

4. And you have Venus = reserves and balance. ruler of V.V.Putin's Libra - Sun in perfect square with his his Sun.

Well, study archetypal mundane astrology with the Kingsconjunction in the earth-element and the Russian President.

Murnau, 4. 28. 2023, UTC: 16:54.


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