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Attending the Gods - like Vladimir (1)

9. 21. - 28. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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UTC 12:23

"To live with the gods" 

and to learn to handle the one another logically excluding
in a friendly including manner
"we need to restore the economy of those countries and their social sphere. Only this way, by showing respect for the history, traditions and religion of these peoples and countries, we can restore their statehood and provide large-scale economic and political support."
And how - turned to the inside - this living with the gods, how is it to be done?

Has there to be "lived" according to heavenly receipt?
Has the receipt of the heavenly to be "performed" in life?
Yes and no - my experience with the gods is:

to perceive them at the virtual heaven
to salute them
maybe understand them in an elementary way
and then to forget about them ...
and here and then - remember them
if and when one suddenly finds oneself being contained 

like myself  on Tuesday when on a walk
it fell into my mind that already today I encountered
the birthday of one  of these removers of late Virgo
I talked about on Monday

Buffoon  Rushdie - narrator
of  "Satanic Verses" : „there is no truth“
and I add: - unless the truth is pleased by putting you into it, into the truth
of God  which for our heart is being proved in a thing called life

and so through life we daily attend  the Sun 
mirrored with  Sun
since in what sign Sun shines at the time of your birth
that sign Sun calls into life

 Sun in Aries says the first
Sun in Pisces says the final word
Sun in Pisces calls the solution
in the image of the border-less flowing
into truth
like rivers into ocean


and since today (Monday)  Sun calls
the last two grades of a heavenly month into the Virgo
and shines the children of these grades and the strength of their hearts

before Sun then calls life into a new image
the children of Libra

Egyptian the children of the final judgement

 in which the hearts are weighed on the scale of eternity
against the feather of the all-goddess

 for the entrance-weight 
into the garden of eternity
 belonging to Allah
or God or Maat

and beginning Wednesday the children of Libra are called by Sun
into life and on Saturday even quite specific ones:
cause it's Uranus of earth-element in the aeon from 1802 - 2577
like every year for the Sun
for accompanied by the forbears
be enlivened and being "fed" by our attention
aeon-gods with the dead
aeon-Uranus thus of the earth on Saturday
waiting for man - looking at him - spirit of the earth
in the spirit of the fourfold man
consisting in weighing life at all times
if it stashes enough warm love
for the thirsty here and in the beyond of time
waiting for us

and one day later Sun will meet the aeonic beginner,
fires Mars on 4.3° on the day before Putins speech at the UN
beginning a new chapter in international relations

so children of Venus with the heart-scale get ready

but you children of Virgo
finish today and tomorrow the re-movement of ego
for the success of the whole

and where Mars is positioned at birth there Mars calls
the ire of life into the picture
living of the jump for prey of hunger

and this week now views this jump
in maximal resonance with Saturn which juts out of eternity into
time like the sea of Thetys into the alpin father

so with Gods sons and daughters stepping above the temporal

resonance of the fatherly state
within the borders of respect
for the unique character of each place

and Thursday earth-spirit Mercury
and soul-root mercuria are  awaited in one function
as keeper of the minutes
upon the judgements of Libra

and on the same Thursday Pluto in the beyond of time
which anytime is open to the gods

to us opens by "feeding" the forbears
awaiting the resonances of said Mercury out of the temporal
of the lovers world

and while all this Jupiter inserts into the Zeitgeist
the reconciliation of the contraries 
which are naturally standing in opposition  in the way like
the ruling interests in this sublunar world did assort them to their content

 and how their re-movement for all-time is imposed into the divine providence into success
and to the come king - being called in the sign which Jupiter in us calls into life -
and how it is connected with the commitment of Gods children to the father
whereby the flowing finds a gate into time and into its ceaseless mirrorings in the lap of the world-mother and into the souls of the living

and the motherly Moon accompanies the days and nights dreams

 mostly imperceptible under the
threshold of attention
and presents the ordinariness of eternity 
into the for-ordinations of time
in front of the screen of the half awake human and beastly psyche

this week beginning Moon under the heaven of spirit
which in kings son Sagittarius reaches a small part into time
like an iceberg over water into sky

in which nearly inassessible this afternoon Moon disappears

 into the fatherly higher region of Capricorn
till Wednesday afternoon

before reaching the even higher region - of the winged ones -
Aquarius in God's nearness
and distance to ego - lust - and power
and the sinful creatures
till Friday night illuminated with his
motherly light

but then Moon dives into the depths of Pisces and the childlike heart
which i no one else as in God winds up and down

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