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Days of Human Flood

in which we go on in our time-trip with our invisible  7 - miles - boots along the "Septar" of the seven Years between 2012 and 2019.  Technically basing on an Idea of the ancient Arab/Iranian astrology which attributed great meaning to the "Great Conjunctions" which occur every 20 years between Saturn and Jupiter. 
The crucial idea was, to watch the "Kings-Conjunction". Those are "Great Conjunctions", which after a series of ca. 10x  in the signs of the same element jump into the next sign of another Element. These Kings-Conjunctions are, according to great Abu Mashar of Balki, signifying change of dynasties, Laws and emerging of war and peace.
Now another idea came to astrologers, who had an rhythmical approach to time, series etc. They in the follower ship of the great french Baptist Morinus, checked, the times re-appearance  in rhythmical enlargements.
 From this idea stems the 7-fold-enlagement of  the birthdays of the the initial Kings-conjunction in the 4 elements, called "Septar".
Astromundane diary preferently check the "Septars" of the Kings-conjunction in earth element, only sometimes, given special cause, the other elements.
 So for orientation in the  present moment of the element earth in the aeon between 1802 and 2577 one has to watch the 32. Septar = 31 birthday (birth-horoscope is 1. Septar). 
And  in this Septar began to vibrate in July 2012, so we now have to analyze the 6. mirror 
in which the 7th and 6th house mirror each other like heaven in earth.
The rhythm, emerging from the ascendant on it's way through the 6th and 7th house,what rules it and what is rule by it, that's the message.

While 6. Mirror -Tsunami in Europe and Near East

June 2015 until January 2016 from East France till to the Ural and down into the Near East
everywhere one is dealing in these seven years till 2019 with the ascendant Leo = unique character.
And since June 2015 one is dealing with the 6th house of "unique character" = the compromises of the unique character.
And the 7th house above has to deliver the deliverance coming,  in analogy to Pisces, rhythmically out of the 12th house. Delivering to whom? Out of the unconsciousness (12th house) to the conscious mind.

and the 7. house of Istanbul and Damascus delivering the solution as Pisces-Tsunami to the consciousness of the 6. mirror thus compromises  in Capricorn ="on top"
which top has to put up with the ire of Neptune
as the Tsunami rages over borders
because of the 
children, the dolphins, and the innocence of mind ...

Earth-element 31. Septar
7.17.1832, UTC 4:38

and Istanbul mails the Tsunami of the weak into the 6th house of Leo
having to deal with compromises
 Earth-element 31. Septar
7.17.1832, UTC 4:38

and Damascus mails this one and the Tsunami of the Moon-Saturn-poorness
and steadfastness of the people
into the 6th house of Leo

while Berlin and the West from east of Paris unto the Ukraine has to deliver the "unique character" in the shape of man in  = Uranus in Aquarius = nearness to God

 Earth-element 31. Septar
7.17.1832, UTC 4:38

But Moscow is the only European Capital
with ascendant Leo which has Sun + Mercury = initiative + soberness
in house 11th
is there wise the deliveress of the origin
of the sovereign uniqueness of character
on cooperation with the gods/archetypes

 Erdelement 31. Septar
17.7.1832, UTC 4:38

 and in delivery since June the Pisces into the 
uncompromising 5th house whose own initiative
in Capricorn consists in the uncompromising cleansing
of the top = state
according with the divine command of conciliator Jupiter
who in Pisces leads Neptune's arrow of truth 
into the invisible mark

meanwhile on the remaining northern hemisphere
- Neptune as well in Capricorn -
with changing ascendants and 6th mirrors
the slow passage of Neptune though Capricorn since 1935
and within this the slow passage of Neptune through the opposition with Sun
since 1998 which watches the "Machtergreifung" of  families = Cancer
upon the state.

1998 - 2005

Neptune in Capricorn is godly the cleansing of the state and demonic the resolution
of the state which only above all interests "guarantees the individual" (Heinrich Blücher)

These seven years saw  1999 under Clinton the resolution of the Banking Act of 1933
and under Bush the coup in the USA called
in the shadow of the deaths of Manhattan

2005 - 2012
New York

Neptune in Capricorn
resolution of the state as watch-dog
in the claws of the lower Sagittarius-fire in the
unexpected profitable 2. house of universal ownership
for the superior mind turning the large
super national wheels
and autumn 2007/2008 specially:
Mercury = adjustment + Sun = center in Cancer
family universe
in resonance: Neptune in Capricorn
the dispersed state
in the claw of demonic intelligence
of the Jupiter-birds of vanity
of the US-East-Coast

 Erdelement 31. Septar
7. 17. 1832, UTC 4:38

and Washington right now:

Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury - 
all three rulers isolated
nothing in the pan to stir in the moment
Erdelement 31. Septar
7. 17. 1832, UTC 4:38

while Peking showing the defensive Mars in Taurus delivering the harmony of Libra
at the world- stage full of strife.

And Taurus' and Libra' Venus, these 7 years in association with Sun in opposition with state-cleansing Neptune goes it's heavenly way in accordance with President Xi:

"In roughly three years in power, Xi's number one task has been to unleash a monster anti-graft campaign. That encompasses military and civilian spheres. The extremely feared Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is Xi's weapon of choice. And no one escapes the Commission's tentacles. Not even former security superstar Zhou Yongkang and former top presidential aide Ling Jihua.
So Xi is simultaneously cleaning up the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the People's Liberation Army (PLA). One can barely imagine the resistance factor — to the point that Chinese insiders stress Xi has made extremely powerful enemies across the board; retired political heavyweights; top military officers; influential government officials; state-owned enterprise (SOE) honchos; an array of "princelings" — the children of historic revolutionaries; and last but not least a dodgy flotsam and jetsam that laundered their fortunes in Macau casinos and luxury Hong Kong malls.
Special Xi scalps include the so-called Shanxi gang — which totally controlled the politico-economic environment in this province abundant in coal — and the so-called petroleum gang, which controlled all things oil in China."

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