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Changing of Ressources on Saturday - Man-Spirit and Father-Thrust

4. 25. - 5. 2. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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4. 27. 2016

while descending from the Uranus heights of the eagle
last week
Venus in all her earthly heaviness
sometimes like descending Humvees
this and the center-nearness  of the Venus - realms
mirroring in the second Mirror of the zodiac

psyche in physis
Aquarius in Taurus

this is now behind us but the great foreground-background-resonance of
human- spirit Uranus 
and father-faith Pluto further remaining the tenor
of the given state
if and when visited in it's divine meaning
opens the way into the paradox unities of the different Gods -
which do the savingcalling this  archetype as I see it
as one of the twelve heavenly unconscious unchangeable ones
 received by our fathers
dwelling in Scorpio wandering as Pluto
longing for sacrifice in consciousness


and our beginnings, our spring
dwelling in Aries and our spring-pusher Mars
again still in no- longer- advance

even in retreat  firstly
Mars under the sky of wide temporal rooms

in resonance a time for Virgo and Pisces to thrust each's complement
in the symphony

of Mars - Jupiter of this side
and Saturn - Neptune of the beyond

 and all these Mars - divine paradox beginnings
in retreat 
this hold in progress
till summer 
have now begun at the place in zodiac
where the fiery genius of our ancestors
the  holy mountains of the fire- element of our eon
Saturn and Jupiter
father-God and son-God of the fire are presiding
this element since 1603
incomprehensible while given to us sensuals
by the weather of signs and times

by the way always superior
symmetry and asymmetry
or Saturn and Uranus
or mountain and bird
or crown and bird
or head and bird
if you like - the bird of God in the soul

of the earth
if the space now shouts against the spirit
so the soul says "Shut up, I don't
need a space at all just a bird of God
and a man's - I am
in the chaos 
of goodness


Light and warmth this week - the giving center - while in the storage of the available - there are many heads and horns - receives association in the last quarter of the week of Venus with her herds and lawyers – immigrating in native ground  
Mercury in Taurus can only according to Venus at least in the version 
of the godly orientated in their nature - spirit - soul paradoxies
or plain their godly respect with another

till Saturday evening Venus' resources are those of the attacker then
of the defender of the community

to Venus and the herds again a great give-away  is constellated
towards security - Sun in Taurus -

so much for the week - safe for

Moon and the private world
- after all the halve of the souls-chambers -
stretching via the Moon-houses around the heaven

with our dreams maybe or the anxiety for them

and since Monday Moon under the "stars" of Sagittarius conceiving the wide round of  dreamers
in the souls of the animaon Wednesday then with Moon  risen to the clearness on the  barren paths of Capricorn

and since Friday noon the uncertain psyche welcomes the hiking soul
in the asymmetry of Aquarius till Sunday noon

then forgetting with Pisces the redemptive

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