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About Adressed and Non-Adressed Rulers in the Psyche

 2. 26  -  3. 7. 2018

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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The source-point of the creative  nought,
from which the autonomous, spontaneous und 
unconscious activity  of the ceative vividness 
emerges, has not only it's place in the soul-room
 of the anthropos, but downright  forms it's center.

Erich Neumann,  Jewish „master-pupil“ of

Each circle has these two noughts one outside and and one within, mirroring each other.
 A cirle is a moving  universal center, ready to catch a Star and his Family.

We on Earth are members of the star Sun, and his family.

Planetary realization:
With our gravitational fields we are grooving around Sun within his field mixing the fields of  the other family-members resonating with the star sending and receiving.

This gravitational dough continuously stirred by the polar bear of universal cold  fronts  shifting roads circling our equators. 

No instrument was more apt to mirror the "beginning was the word" than man's psyche and
the 12 nought-words of each circle.
Zodiac has animals, men, crafted symbol (Libra) circling each place and thing with 12 names of unfathomable oldness   like them of the westasian circle "zodoac". 

The nought-producer psyche,  receiving and sending unconsciously,  with every breath of ours somehow grasping the wheels in wheels of our unfathomable existence  but by nought we are receiver of 'projecions' of meaning of each unknown object, like  fate or universe.

Like the Chinese year-animals, the animals of the western year- projection were a gift of the bright dreaming fathers dealing with the universe while the mothers dreaming dealed with the natural surround and the  the within- world.

And there are as a third, male-women and female-men as each amount of identity  is a relative given of cut sets. 

nought is an out - and inbreed
 one ... leading spirit
 with children called  archetypes
 or gods
 or planets 

and this one is mirrored
each "ich" I
 of mankind
deeply coronated by the spirit of the
spinning wheels within
and without
being received amplified by man's great amplifier  heart

created by  life on Earth with it's skincreating ability
 of terestrial life between within and without
 until to the finest
 soul - bridges
 between the fields of
within and without 

9. Week 2018
 2. 28. - 3. 7. 2018

are bathed this week transcendently
even if no one knows how
being ruled by Neptune
in his sign Pisces at home 
like passively descending into the unconscious
deeper  psychophysical layers  of

within the gravitational field of the central - star and its planetary family


actively remains the Mars-vortex in Sagittarius
Mars = blind and new energy
Mars as 'pain-planet' 
accompanies as 'ejector'
any rebirth

buth how fateful Mars hence is
the gravity depends.
On what?

there is an old master- saying:
"Habentibus symbolum facilis est transitus"
"For those, having the symbol, the transit is easy."


and Jupiter in whose 'symbolical field'
Mars is moving
it's the pain of the Scorpio
about any non-happened due waiver
dodged pains, divorces and so on
alike the oblivion of the ancestors
in the leading of everyday life

hurting in Sagittarius:
the forgotten waiver
of steady self-saturation
lacking the western man of our years
for a fully fledged Uranus in Aries
man-god in birth-pain
for the complete puzzle of man

but alas
a blind consuming majority
has to wait for another 77 years until 2095 
for again time Uranus in Aries
newbirth of man-god in man
 rebirth of the man-god
 within us

since with pain and chaos is
the cutting the umbilical cord
again and again

but without this one
there is no need to talk about man's pain
but only about his phantom-pain


so much for the Mars - fate of this week
and he who is soul-feeding
the dead and the coming
nearest and farthest
quite  the meaning of
also will introduce the mirror's horizon
of a contemporary  shard of fate
 of a time
with it's ovaries


something special about Mars
each 1,6 years:
coming Sunday it's Mars-day with the blue Neptune

the element 
child of thought 
mighty about all coming air and thought-surfaces
here on Earth in the present aeon
of the four elements
in the depths of psyche
at  23° Sagittarius
in the zodiac

9. Week

About the non- addressed rulers for this week there is no need to
add something beyond the already told, they remain in their slow movement
and their forementioned conditions
so Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto are further subordinated to the lord of Capricorn
Saturn in Capricorn


remains Moon, looking into the 12 houses of the soul
dwelling in the women and in the inside of men
kneading machine in the tummy
in which Moon is spinning from the valley
unto the glaciers
and the dough 'speaks'
without 'at - home' all is nothing

and by Moon,  Cancer = feeling,
has realized that only
'togetherness at-home with her' the soulmate
is the most important in existence of man
course later
on day and life
when the lust is satisfied
it's only that what's carrying

furthermore Moon shines this week above
and waiver for bonding

Sonntag 25. 2.  UTC 17:04
Montag 26. 2. 2018, UTC 16:32.

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