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Last one of Pusher's Weeks for Justice

 5. 7. - 16. 2018, 0:00 UTC

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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19. Week

a threefold end-week for
Mars, Mercury and Uranus

 pusher Mars restricted but decisive 
like any planet in Capricorn
till Wednesday 

then in Aquarius
till  August/September
when retrograd
for another four weeks in Capricorn

 with Mars all this concerns to the 
innocent hungry new-born
out of the circling lap of a creation of the universe
of a star Sun
and his family in the galaxy
(and to their demonic attendants)

and Sun -demons 
like them of any planet
are greedy anytime to appear in the foreground
and the more superficial one's perception is
the more the demons rule
the soul

till from time to time they find their catastrophy
cleaning the earth of them for the
young ones
with their own yet unknown  demons

but the gods in man are stronger than the demons
otherwise the cration would have
ceased to exist
long ago

thinks C.G.Jung and me too

it is this "non serviam"
'I shall not serve' 
of the devil
God's most beautifull angel
this mightiest spell of  
 joining -strength 
(the Sagittarius-demon)
who in us 
has all mephistophelish
wit of nature
but doesn't leave anythig to the
wisdom of grace of God

St. Thomans thinks so and me too.

now Mars
the caller and killer
crawing cock of the morning
hungry from the night

now in the last seven days
Mars in Capricorn
 = the keeper of the law 
appearing at the surface
(and his demons)
in the beginning God (in us) gave judges
yet before kings and prophets


the weekend will see
the resonance-node of
Mercury + Uranus in Aries + Mars in Capricorn
shifting till Wednesday completely
same resonance-node then
Mercury+ Uranus in Taurus 
Mars in Aquarius

Mars the pusher
will lose the spell of Mercury's
10 Weeks 
and Uranus' 7 years
in his roving 'tribe'

Mercury is the speaker
Uranus/Aquarius is the seer
very little earth very much eyes
wide horizon

Mars is the pusher
and in Aquarius ' heavenly talks
calls to be mirrored by divine
Taurus of the earth 
in their common
2.  mirror
while the Taurus - demons refuse
to mirror heaven

19th week 2018 

and all this is contained in the family of
drum of our heart
still drumming with the band of  gatherers
underway in the world of low birds
 technical thoughts and guidance
within the neighborships of the world

Entwurf 6. 5. 2018, UTC 15:26.
Murnau, 7. 5. 2018, UTC : 14:08.
In English 5. 9. 2018. UTC: 15:43



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