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Four Mirrors

4. 1. - 10. 2019
0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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"The symbols of the self emerge in the depth of the body
and express its materiality as much as the structure of the 
perceiving consciousness. The symbol is living body, corpus
et anima, therefore the "child" is such an excellent formula
 for the symbol.".

"The uniqueness of the psyche is a, indeed never entirely, but
 however  always approximately to actualize factor, which 
likewise is the inevitable basic of all consciousness."

"The deeper "layers" of the psyche loose with increasing depth and
darkness the individual uniqueness. Downwards, id est
 with approach of the autonomous systems of functions they become
increasingly collective in order to become universal in the materiality
of the body, namely the chemical bodies, and likewise to lapse.
The carbon of the body is carbon anyway. Undermost hence
 psyche  generally is  "world"."

C.G.Jung, On the Psychology of the Child -Archetype, Coll.  W. 9/1, § 290.

In each horoscope the "child" is three times present as:
12. house: solution
12. Sign Pisces
8. Planet : Neptune
necessary components for the unity of  12 characters
hence  the zodiacal world in and around man
in Sun's cosmos

in these  14 years of Neptune in Pisces
ruler of Pisces in his own sign
Mercury and Venus
in Pisces
undergoing an extreme 
of correction and detoxification
in anonymity cause
 "child" means 

the Mercury -world of names hence suffers the relieve off lies 
and the Venus-world of stuff and balance
suffers her relief off greed

by naked truth 
 innocent "child"
powerfull 'god'
unknown to the world
off which all meaning and truth
is streaming
from unconscious to consciousness
the blown spiritual drift
from Pisces to Libra
from innocence to love

Watching the clock of the zodiac, a diary like this  lifts and lowers, by telling  what the invisible symbolic weathers are above and below of our consciousness. Physio/Psychic lights and planets, our  Sun's family, hiking around Sun like we, and  projected on Earth's 7/24  on the 360° zodiacal horizon. So much for the unconscious  near -to-consciousness.

a floor deeper below consciousness
we are even more collective
beings without knowing 
relatives of  larger 
gear- wheels of time
finally the elementary
 4 living wheels of the 
of the four elements
fixed for 800 years
on the common
axis  of the aeon
between 1305
und 2157

Who looks will find  here the access to the threefold tier of the four elements, which the Iranian/Arabian astrology has left to mankind:  the Astrolgy of the Kingsconjunktions  of the two big- gas-babies Saturn and Jupiter among our  planets -family, among the nine planets around the Axix of Sun 

A green belt around a Sun markes an invisible layer around the star, wherein a planet is rich of water and spins in its blue-green rhythms around the truth or the entire cosmic family on Earth.

Now for the northern hemisphere of the Earth our collective six heavenly signs mirrored by our  six earthly  signs according to the zodiac and the 'gods' as giver of intensities and resonances are having their moments and synchronicities.

14. week

in our mundane zodiac without personal houses
true for the entire northern hemisphere

in each week the child archetype has its place in the 
12.sign Pisces
as inborn solution of depleted and well of fresh meaning
this 12. house of life
home of Neptune
currently ruled by the child-ruler at home in the
inalienable palace of the child-god
in the living adult
place of mildness
in the world of symbols

mirrored by the hunger of Aries
under the horizon in the world of stuff and ratio

in the first mirror of the human being
place of impatience
of the drift

And this is what we see:

14. Week

In the meekness of forgetting = Pisces
Neptune the "child" 
 Venus forgetting stocks, reserves, connections
Mercury forgetting the aptitude of the speaker
and the lies fade

in the mirror to that

Aries - Sun
wake- up call of the heart
Sun in Aries
prey by heart

2. mirror

above the mirror the empty heaven of Aquarius
below his ruler Uranus
symbol of thinking
in human brain
 in the Taurus-world of law and security
looking for awareness in human beings
of their "forgotten"  godness
hiden in man's heart

3. mirror 

Aries' Mars
drifting on Mercury's 
with tools and plans
and stories for sale


the two strict rulers Saturn and Pluto
in the strict Capricorn
let's see next week  how Mars
will mirror this strictness

4. mirror

Jupiter symbol of  
completeness by conciliation
heavens Sagittarius with his 'vertical light'
awaiting  'feeling' Moon
. 'the people'
in Cancer
to mirror his conciliation by

Murnau, 4. 3. 2019, UTC:15:42 + 15:56.

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