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Spot on Venus - Mercury in Resonance with Innocence and Wisdom

5.  27. -   6. 5. 2019
0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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" The quaternity is one of the most universal archetypes
and also proves to be as one of the most  useful structural
schemata for the orientation function of the consciousness.
It is quite actually the  cross hairs in the  telescope of the
reason. The cross, specified by the four corner-points is of
no less universality and moreover has for the western man
highly increased moral and religious meaning. Alike the 
circle as a symbol of  perfection and the perfect nature
is an all-common expression for heaven, Sun, God   and
for the archetype of man and soul. Four as minimal  
multiplicity represents the pluralistic condition  of the one
man, who has not arrived the inner unity, hence the condition
of  bondage, of ignorance with oneself,  of decomposition,
of being torn apart to different sides,  thus of a torturous, 
unredeemed situation, longing for unification, reconciliation,
 redemption, cure, i.e. whole-making.

C.G.Jung, The Psychology of Transference, Coll. W. 16, §. 406

The triplicity appears as male, i.e. active  resolution and act. 
The duality behaves feminine to it, i.e. as  conceiving receptive
patiens, or as matter to be formed [...] Psychologically the 
triplicity corresponds to the requirement, demand, urge of
aggression and the resolution of will, but the duality to the 
reaction of the psychic system as a whole to the  impetus or 
the decision of the consciousness, which would in and of itself
would deflagrate into the void, wouldn't it succeed to prevail
 against  all inertia and always existent resistances. By 
entraining, following and conducting originates the act, and 
only in it man appears as living genus and as unity."

C.G.Jung.The Psychology of Transference, Coll. W. 16, §. 407.

12 = 3 x 4

22. Week 2019

day by day the complete but unconscious
primordial man
in us and above of us
is drifting through the 12 times
of the zodiac
no consciousness is able to imagine
this but it happens
imagine: 12 time-changes each day
from day one

in the family of Sun
there is one brother
whom I suppose as the
mangod in us
ruler of the eleventh stage
outpourer of spirit
"the higher waters"
air-god of the 'void'
called thoughts

his rhythm
1 Uranus year 
= 84 Earth years
1935 Uranus 5° Taurus
2019 Uranus 5° Taurus

man is the toppler
man sometimes thinking
into the chaos of


time for self
now Uranus
for 7 years
in community with the herd


it is nothing but man
in whom we
each one of us
have to learn 
to walk in

it's healthy to take
silent note of mangod
in our collective
into which Sun's planets
offer a glimpse

and together with mangod Uranus in motion
is the cross of the elements
around 5° Taurus
hence 5° Leo

all resonating while Uranus toppling
 walls and borders
dividing mankind
by  brotherly thinking
embracing Sun and her children


today is spot on Venus

in Taurus at home 
she united her light with Uranus of fire
on Monday 
and unites with Mars of the earth-element

Mars always is a beginning
might be any level of ignition
his place Taurus is the place of storages and reserves
since 1802 till 2577
we have to learn of its
dangers and avail

today is h i s
for the Venusians
Taurus and Libra
to start a new round

of jobs for ten thousand demons
and on holy Earth
 myriads of thinking 
'winged' persons thoughts
spinning civilization


Mercury hasting through his realm
a second and last week only
meets resonances of Jupiter and Neptune
son god and child god
reconciliation and innocence
leaving a
note for Twins and Virgo's
in a week for hunch and insight
to word and measure
and Sun = heart is traveling right
in Mercury's realm

and a new spring 
stormy and liberated
moves with Mars 
in Cancer
spring in the family
private secrecies
 coming to surface

Murnau, May 29. 2019 UTC: 

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