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Mars - 6 Weeks for the Empire

15. - 22. 9. 2014
below the Northern Zodiac
and below the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four Elements Fire, Earth, Air und Water
from the years 1603, 1802, 1980 und 1305
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 Murnau Buoy
Heavenly Water Levels
from Monday to Monday

(the most important)
15. 9. 2014
and thereupon based on

Chronicle of Signs and Times

Heaven in Earth and Earth in Heaven Mirroring
Constellations of the Wandering Lights
Over the Northern Hemisphere

Motivation  to perceive
school of observation
of  the 
astropoetically inclusions of he week
for own musing
 about the similes
 of the heavenly given above the
earth in the

the mundane  propaganda can bend as much as it may

Saturn in Scorpio is the might of the permanent
on the traces of those which outreach the chain of the ancestors
from those having died to those still unborne

who does this has the might of an adamant rock
which now receives the increasing resonance of the might
of the good coincidence in the perimeter
Jupiter in Leo

common square = common posession
what do the gods, what do the men make out of this?

in Leo Sagittarius-ruler Jupiter "is" the broad upper edge of the funnel
of the Imperium (Leo)
common in the square with Jupiter is Saturn "being" the nozzle of the funnel
recently staying in Scorpio over the fields of those having deceased
and being as the nozzle the directing place
directing namely of the surpassing beam of occurences

Jupiter in Leo as director of the empire
orders now until beginning November via Mars = the army of the family

the clash concept  of the empire walks into the time
woe if it's not friendly with the ancestors
cause after Jupiter having ordered
Saturn will be proving the concept
for endurance and winterresistence

and in the struggle of Mars 
the upper width of the funnel = Jupiter
will become the inner narrowness = Saturn

the empire has now yet for 6 weeks space

for the Jupiter-width of the Sagittarius
and for his ordering to the advantage of the empire in the struggle with the strage ancestors
but which - Saturn in Scorpio -
start his struggle in Winter and it is he who demands sacrifice and respect
and in the sign of Winter Mars cuts since November

for now the imperial sun is a last week this year in the sorrowfull condition of the Virgo with her
small chequers

and with Venus the ressources of the world
accompany rex sol - the Sun king - conciousness
with his smart nevertheless sorrowfull ways of the small chequers in this world

and Mercury himself  god of doubts curiosity and reckoning
is watching in Libra the weighings of the scale
where the souls a weighted
and is to deliver the judgements
unless his mundane children subjected by demonic charm being deviated
from the way of truth to get hold of the high price of lie

on sunday then Mercury will be visiting
the elementary anniversary of  sacrifice
Pluto as air = spirit
Pluto as fire = drive
in common square with
Sun as earth = body
and her celebration of life = sun 
of the family = the inner
= in Cancer

therefore the constellation of the opposites of drive and spirit will become a news with the body
coming sunday

Mars by the way will be wandering through the 2 weeks of stealth in which he accompanies
 Neptune surging this week  decaying next week
it is the well ordered attack of the empire
waiting for becoming uncovered  after next Week
And the Uranus-Pluto society of the mangod and the deadgod is waiting 
for the same beginning after next week
when the assesion of Sun into Libra puts the life in families in one balance pan
right opposit to the other balance pan with the collective law of the world

Moon however the vessel of the souls is drifting on Tuesday afternoon out of the soul alienating
titanical world of the bodies into the laps of the mothers of all bearance where the feeling is flowing
since Friday morning the temper will be rinsed into confessing and attesting
Sunday then Moon will be shared by Leo and Virgo which will be finishing the week with upcoming 

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