Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

Jupiter for Leo

Mars passage through Sagittarius gives rise to questions.

It'  crucial now , what it is  where Sgittarius will be launching Mars to.

This will certainly  be  decided by  Jupiter, the scorer with the "infallible" and "far away"striking silver bow of the son of God being testified by the ancient Greeks as  the ruler of Sagittarius.

And Jupiter in Leo means spirit in the condition of soulpower.

Is a Mars in Sagittarius not allways meant as a Mars who takes the reconcilliation of man with God in mans sight? Well, not allways. Shining Sagittarius' virtue is allways endangered by the vice of vanity ...

Reconcilliation of man with God, thankfullness for the forordination of god that everyone is allowed to cook his own soup.

Those family empires of imperial blur - ruling in vanity in the world under the Moon as lions of the presence - will this Mars of  open reconcilliation with the father make them really happy?

This spring of concilliation with the ordering of the spirits?

Would be nice if we, maybe for coming millions of years, would become grown up and mature for really heartfilling expeditions in the mankind in every life, cause it's  the delivery for the whole, the individual.

Mars in Sagittarius - now everyone in the circuit may get started with the uprise of the spirit against the lie
of the lonely godforsaken body of the fallen angel.

16.9.14 UTC 13:00. In English: 18.9.2014 UTC 20:12.

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