Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016

In Heaven - but Hijacked?

2016 11 8
UTC 1:00
20:00 EST

its the closing of the polls in DC. With the proceding of the time-zones it is, sligtly different, the same
at the west coast.

ASC - the American constituency has completed it's vote. And it's a Cancer-baby. It is of the stuff of 14th July originally. It is a rednecks vote. It is Hillibilly and Barbeque.

And Moon is in 9th house of reconciliation and understanding. And Moon ist in the innocence of Pisces, blessed by the heavenly child in time.

And there will be clearness of the scorpio- heart in readyness for waiver for the coming generations.

So far heaven.

And if the outcome on earth is different, we live on a hijcked planet.

The good news is: we still live.

Murnau, 2016 10 22 UTC 20 41

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