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Mars Into the Tissue - Mercury Emerging at the Surface of Appearance

3. 6. - 13. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
 of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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in memory:

Fritz Fisher

Great modern German historian. Witness for German inperial ambitions.

Germany became after 1871 the big baby on the worldstage  

The Germany of Plank, Einstein, and past 1890 of the 
imperial romanticist Wilhelm II.
while England since Elizabeth I. was with the experience

of 350 yerars  "ruling the wafes"
 cool enough to entrapp
the german infantil romantical
Kaiser - baby
in the anglo-yewish trapp
(according to e.g. great Carol Quigley)
to the advantage of all
but Germans and Russians
like today 
Afgans, Libyans, Irakis, Syrians

Pier Paolo Pasolini

besides his Films a radical poetical prosaist

in his "Freibeuter-Schriften"
"Privateer - Writings"
he considered  "The Death of the Glow Worms"
as a kind of paraphrase, that a limit against man
has been transgressed
from seeply at the deepest 
worm-attack in the
Europaian civilisation
Pisces double moment and day
noboby can deeper

anothe of this gang is my friend


maybe as deep as Pier Paolo but not in his height
 main "Blueser" on the Oberland

and eventually this one
this one dwells with the dogma 
in the freedom of a child
(mundo's feeling)
and it is the innocence of the Word
in the ascendant Virgo
speaking out of Andersen's child:
"But he has has no clothes, hasn't he?

and now to the week:

19° 21° 23° or Pluto Jupiter Uranus in Capricorn Libra Aries
the big wave Fall Winter Spring
from 2016/2017

wheel in wheel in wheel
three steady rhythms
widest rounds Pluto's
of 248 Years
  nearest rounds Jupiters's
of 12 years
and within Uranus' rounds
of 84 Years 

togester slow enough for 
a common chorus
in Aries Capricorn and Libra
for good hundredtwenty and more days since November
man  + chance + sacrifice
till  early April
Great man aka Uranus waiting for 
  Mercury Sun and Venus
and Mars is firing his last great blind
nobody was  awaiting for

yet on Friday entering new territory
Mars in Taurus' Venus-realm 
the image of the 
invader within in the
the nomadic in the city
the cut into the tissue
jump into the neck of the lunch

And Venus the weaver' crisis
in hungry Aries-Land with her reserves
which now are serving Mars'
nomadic tribes unsettled like all being thereand since Friday second  Venus-crisis
by Mars in Taurus

What does thst mean? Has the zodiac a salutary utilization of Mars in Taurus? 
I think as far as the Taurians need a cutter for all kinds of work in civilisation. Beginning with claws and teeth.
Question: what with you is Mars? An where has it to go to?

and Mercury till Monday and with him the unconscious
 but greater man' brain
a last week with Sun in Pisces 
perfectly at the bottomof the writing souls
  the sold and non-soled onesthe carried carries the carrier
the child carries God
and off the depths emerging
at the surface of appearance
Mercury since Monday afternoonbut untill then
the discriminator in the depths 
of God's lap on earth Pisces
off which the child 
whom Mars alone
is mirror where ever he might be

11. Week on Friday

and now watching the hearts


Sun keeps on being underway
calling the Pisces-hearts
into life 
which are giving away the deepest

after Aquarius-hearts
giving away the highest 

and about until weekend
the Pisces-heart is  in
unison with Pisces-brain
Sun + Mercury in Pisces
in the lap of creation

and finally the seniority in the

circle of Gods
lord of the polar

where in the center nothing is moving
and via Pluto lord of Scorpio

another week in the illuminatin
by the Venus of the element fire
in accordance with the Sun of the element fire

at the brightest place in the zodiac since 1603 the fire of 26 - 28° Sagittarius where Saturn is the guest the lord of Capricorn. Heart- and storage-place of the  fire - element, where Saturn was at last for visite. Fate of our aeon for the element of beginning of everything.

And at the Moon of the water-element of our aeon
Mars drops in on Sunday
at 1,8° Taurus
this is Moon + Mars
stimulus plus mucosea 
and any such
every 1,6 years since 1305

zodiacs fourth elements constellation
is the oldest of the four
and certainly the ripest in woe
lap and shelter of the soul
which in the world
"is most like God"


gewiss auch das reifste an Leid
Schoß und Zuflucht der Seele
in der Welt 
das von allem „Gott am meisten gleicht“

Moon the receptive everyday- God
 living in mix with people
within the rhythms of the inward and outward

 Wednesday afternoon the turnover
of the mood from
blue to sanguin
Moon in Leo
till Friday night

and the entire weekend until Monday morning
belongs to the worldly-wise Virgo

and till next Wednesday Venus will
rule Moon in the gardens and halls  of common sex

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