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Beginning of Spring and Key-Week for Twins and Virgos

3. 20 - 27. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
 of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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20. 3.2017

 The mode of existence of  Spirit
is to take effort

 " God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship 
in the Spirit and in truth.”

Joh. 4.24

so always   
in presence of God
I read the week
contrasting within his
heaven's - Gods - children
above my heavenly buoy
underways under the sky
and the twelvefold hail of the
called year

*  *  *
The astronomy of our solar star-home is asking our imagination for a not too little effort. Ten wheels encircling our oneself like the entire planet-half (other planet-half spins opposite)
Nils Bor recognozed it, Heisenberg, the great grand grandchildren of Alchemy, Wolfgang Pauly bridging to God by the psychio/Physic arch with C.G.Jung and via mundanomaniac to Wolfgang Döbereiner and Ernst Jünger

und  via the Saker   
the Vineyard of man      
so now about heaven above our six
days of creation 

12. Week 2017
16th or 17th week 
of this slowly passing 
tripartite party
in the resonances of
Jupiter + Pluto + Uranus
played  in two squares and one opposition
since November rhythmicly flickering
while Uranus is going to leave forwards now
to remain  the last
but now still co-plays while weekend
for 3,6 of  7  grades

7 the magic number with many astrologers
and with my teacher Dö
is Moon and Cancer and week and life
and water

with 7° begins the identity
of a constellation
like a week of birth
or a week of death
or a week of nothing special
all have 7 days

now again
another week with
Jupiter + Pluto + Uranus
and their game of
concilliation - sacrifice - freedom

and this week swift visit by Mercury
the talker
since Tuesday (7° rule)
= early identity ...
on Sunday then brother-kiss by Mercury and Uranus( one time a year)
elementary spirit = Mecury
soulborne earth = Mercury
heavenly spirit = Uranus
air , earth, air
male, female, male

and this week is permitting again
this autumn - Libra - love -plant
tu unfold her questing  intelligence
to unfold in  Virgo of what is mature
and to become with God word
of "beginning"

*  *  
and Sun now since Monday
entered from the last to the first
stage in the year of the zodiac
Spring of the hearts
Sun in Aries
warming the jumping rams

and Sun the center calls for the fire of
out of the deep interior


and after Mercury last week
Sun now meets Venus on her way back
 in the
second half of the week
Sonne + Venus
heart + 2
center + community
this week
and even mundaniac get's his part out of the resonance with 
his ASC 7,.. Cancer
and the same goes to 7° Capricorn and Libra

all these are swirling around the

cardinale 7° with Sun and Venus
and it is the current spring-cluster which might be
felt together with Sun and Venus this week and
 all their symbols resonating with the 2 and the center

and Saturn remains in the closest circle 
around the bright invisible light
of the fire-Sun and -Venus at 26° and 27° of Sagittarius
of the  Fire Conjunktion of 1603

and further penetration with Mars
into the  cornuted flank of Taurus
whose Venus is villain to Mars

and Moon
her changable light over the sleep of
the alert reason
with her softer light as a corrective for
the male dictate of the day

till Wednesday night under Capricorn
whose lord Saturn was seed-God in Rome
frugality for the sake of coming harvest
then Thursday till Saturday noon
in the heights of overview
in the distance to the centers

followed by submerging into the depths
of the certainties of the Pisces
until into Monday
followed then by attendance in the crowded

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