Mittwoch, 15. März 2017

Last Week Purging the Center

3. 13. - 20. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
 of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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3. 15. 2017

Mercury since Monday in Aries
spring for the storyteller 
from the depths of the backgrounds
in Pisces 
in Aries emergence at the surface 
it's the same traveler
Mercury in Aries 
the force of the storytellers
appearing naked
without cloth

and Mercury by this
accompanies Venus
what a fate Venus in Aries
the jumping  richdom of the robbers 
as a company

or the city is attacking
on the robbers terrein
as Mars is attacking
within the city
While Venus the city
owns Jupiter' retaliations
 in her
two - scaled reign of Libra

and who is  in Jupiter's
in the son's hand
the father unchangable  
resting on the zodiaks brigtest point
now  2017
in the second
of four plus one months
 in about 29 years:

so let's cheer
unknown fathers 
and praise the conciliations of the son
appearing with Venus
in the appearance 
of her 24 hours
a day


now with Saturn are
aligned Pluto's sacrifices
beyond in life

and this week's heart - resonance 
in the last quarter of
the  Pisces 
with the fathers
and the cross
and the word

and the readyness for
the sacrifice
by Sun and heart
four times a year 
in the wheel of time
and four times this brigtness-resonance
from the fathers
to Sun and heart
and in this brightness to be praised
in the sign if depth = Pisces
to the height of spirit Sagittarius
and to the deep depths for about 800 years
the fire conjunction of 1603 

 this is a splendourous cornerstone
of one of the four elements
Sagittarius 26/28°

only here in the
to be watched


und Mars in the first entire week in Taurus

anyboby who knows it
can watch it

it's like a knife through tissue

next week heart will follow
it need's a last week of purification

heaven at sunrise now

and for Mars this week like every week 
is competent
the impatience energized ruling a halve of a halve continent
visible at the international horizon

Washington 32. Septar Earth-element

And a state appeares as

a juggernaut with 
mamouth - crew - sucking
evolded in may years

changed had the captain
chosen by the lover part of the crew
while the officer- suckers were chosen
by the predeccessors

so since next Monday it will appear
the annewed heart
that ist the annewed center 
with Sun in Aries spring 
And Moon hikes along
and with Moon the feeling within
through the three signs of encounter
while since Saturday
is partaking
with the high flight of spirit
till Monday noon
when the leap back
from the son to the father is due

Montag den 13. 3. 2017, UTC 15:50
In Englisch Wednesday in Murnau, UTC 16:28

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