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Action in Retreat, Connection under Revision


 9.  21. - 30. 2020,  0:00 UTC 

and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"We are after all not only designed by  the past, but also
by the future, which long since is arranged in us and 
gradually is evolving out of us. Eminently this is the case 
with a fertile human, who  initially doesn't overview the
 richness of his possibilities, although they  are yet laying
 ready in him."

C.G.JUNG, Cool Works 15, § 100.

... only in his horoscope 'the richness of his possibilities' is already scheduled as a 'moment in the dialogue of the gods' (JUNG). 

Remark Mundanomaniac: this week I realized, that a child's horoscope might be looked on by me, but not will be read to the parents, as well as a 'gift-horoscope' ... 'to the birthday of my niece', a.s.o. Too big is the danger, to put images into the mind of the parents, or presentee, which they can't deal with.
The horoscope in my sight, is exclusively a tool of conscious reflection, of someone who is ready for contemplating oneself.

What is concatenating us (on both hemispheres) is: that the heaven = the collective unconsciouness = the future "long since is arranged in us and gradually is evolving out of us."

And this, like each 'mundane diary', tells the chronicle of the weekly message, ready to be received. 
The archetype of the 7 is at home in Cancer
 the week
invoked  in each Cancer-ascendant
 the 'nightly' inner truth 

and Moon rules Cancer in male and female
humans and their children

with what we were
with the ascendant as the
 home of the pure

all lie and try 
is later
and all is 
each is
out of four
before  the other three
elements and
and eleven

The basic answer to each person's identity is 
the element of the ascendant

are you a jump
and a bite
are you fire

or a mass
with Horn
on earth

or a
an' sayer
of air

or a floating
in wetland's

and the ascendant of man
we call Anthropos
with his Greek name
'Adam secundus' the second Adam
he was called after Rome

30° Pisces = 0 ° Aries

is Anthropos' zodiac 
deep within  each of us

Hence- the week is something also deep under and above mundo's consciousness. Hence his and your consciousness lacks the sensual connection with the body EARTH being part of Sun's encompassing Sun - Person and her Planete - Nature where in the green belt of life Earth moves from the beginning, as conciousnes of her - Earth

part and pacel of

Sun's ordering System
with the major rhythm of
the giants
Saturn and Jupiter

there is no other rhythm in Sun's universe
as dominant as
Kings Rhythm
the young
+ the old wisdom
that's a Kingsconjunction
so to speak 
the big wheel
we are traveling in
better four wheels
like for elements
an air wheel a fire wheel a.s.o.
and the rhythms of of the four kings
are traveled by our unconscious

and astrology watches the game of gravity
 the Sun- body like gold  in the center
like a heart in a body

with planets

and Moon of the Earth
like  Night and Silver
quicker changing
like water

buying less than Sun
but without
no life is and no

39. Week
Northern Hemisphere

 on the southern Spring has commenced

till Tuesday the heart of Anthropos
had a full year no input by
thank God for the zodiac telling
her  stewardship is
shining now

1 = 2
in the sign Libra

Sun = das Herz
called on the eternal scale

to let become appearance
as eternity 
thriving in love

that is the big call above the dark Earth
incending the light above the waters

which in Anthropos
appear as Aries in Anthropos
deep underneath our  conscious
as the first 
all lying

Now as an interesting example: 

14. 6. 1946, 14:54 
Jamaica NY
Donald Trump

 it is underneath this man's conscious being
this Mars in his unconscious 12th chamber or 'house'
his 'fighter planet' does n*t know but is
 like a child
royally Leo orange-man
in the robe of honest innocence
and early dumbness
deep below our daily robe

while his heart is in the chamber/house of the great men
could he be a tool of someone whose order  great planetary
 Statesmen at the end of the day are  or will be following?

and now ...

deep below and high above 
our consciouness

it's  the conqueror Mars
In Anthropos' first mirror 
 in the mirror of child-god Neptune
he is on retreat back into his

and the astrologer notes resonance Mars with Mercury as  opposits  united in completeness by complement.
both in the 'assembly of the gods' 

and like in Psalm 82
the father of the Gods is judging 
for the truth of the Sun-Body

whose conscious is on Earth called man

Now the heaven presents a truly rare court
not less than 502 years after the last one
of this shape:
the conjunction of father and brother
Saturn and Pluto

and in Addition this time 
son Jupiter

in Capricorn since

2008 (Pluto)
2019 ( Saturn)
2020 (Jupiter)

whatever ... a seed might be spreaded as children of this vintage, they are a rare one ...

at this place the astrologer in Anthropos  has to keep humble silence and to remain in the readiness for any wonder of the existing God whose traces of spirit = order in the organism of a star deriving meaning  by  four in twelve.

39th week

the attacker Mars

in retried

tough in the grip of the great lessening rareness

Saturn Pluto Jupiter in Capricorn

while the defensive triumphs:


Reserves spent

under' Leo's  royal'


since Tuesday in Libra

on the spirit's half

of the zodiac in Anthropos

with the anima Sophia

as female part 

within him

and without her

Anthropos and Sophia

and within them

attack and defense at the end of the day

some one is needed

not being part of both

 above their polarity

of earth and fire like



the third

in the realm of elements

and the second in the realm of soul




neural ability  

of the elements = language


 soul = love


Mercury in


a last week in the emotional condition of  


 with minimum of gravitas 

but resonance with higher ideas 

after the end of a confrontation

Mars and Saturn Pluto Jupiter

ending this year


to be orderly mixed with 

back -driving Mars

 and soul-discriminating Mercury

the beginning

the end

the truth

the wisdom

and the word

in a house with 12 chambers

of the human mirror

 between the 6 polarities

And watch the resonances with the bodyless lights of   the four Kingsconjunctions 

Murnau 9. 23. 2020, UTC: 17:34.

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