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Two KIngsconjunctions to Meditate - and a Red Pluto in the True World According to Sun's Family on Earth


 9. 28. -  10. 7.  2020,  0:00 UTC 

and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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lat. religere

" a thorough and  conscientious  regard of, what Rudolf Otto 
aptly called the 'numinosum', namely a dynamic existence
or effect not being brought about by an arbitrary act ..." 

JUNG, Psychology & Alchemy


".... which in difference to other religion ... teaches a symbol, which 
has the individual  way of life of a human and son of man as
content and  even understands this individuation-process as
incarnation and revelation of God self."

C.G.JUNG, Presence and Future, Coll. W. 10, § 529.


"actually a secondary phenomenon, which relies upon, that
 something primarily has happened to us, which  instills into 
us 'pistis', i.e.  thrust and loyality."

ibid. § 521

... a modern astrology with 'pistis' is it, what weekly greens inside of me. Indeed also very old trees, even millennia old ones being withal, sometimes are piping up.

I'm conscious, the crucial, the horoscope of the individual, being unique in space and time, basically is spared in the 'Astromundane Diary', describing the constellations of contemporary or former presences, in which the northern hemisphere of the Earth is rotating.

Applied on the southern hemisphere, its inhabitants now also are in autumn ? - so at least is the prevailing opinion of the contemporary astrological community in north and south. ihat all runs according to the norther heaven About this mundanomaniac since long ago has told, what seems to be necessary to him.

Hence, northern hemisphere only: late September = early Autumn = Sun in Libra.
Southern hemisphere = early spring Sun in Aries

40. Week

Earth in Aries
Sun in Libra

one divides oneself into two
is the mantra of the seventh zodiacal 
first heavenly sign
 imagination = bodies in the balance

in the terrestrial half
mirrored by Virgo 
and her earth-heart's 

this for the heart of Anthropos
and Sophia
deep within of us
and high above around us

on Friday Sun
 meets the 'radiation' with

replacing that of 1186 

on Friday Sun meets
the 'blue' father and
the 'blue' son 

united in the mirror
of psyche mirrored  in nature
with the body and the mysteries of the air
in the  incessant
at 9,5° Libra

Meaning prevails without conscious attendance in all natural processes. . So nobody can give you your 9,5° Libra than yourself 's friendly attending your  unconsciousness. I't a patient  let it be, ... and watch which is most promising.

It's a place to pray and be ready for incessant gifts maybe. The major place for nerves, feeling thinking, major cause the similes of air are on three stages Twins Libra Aquarius simile to
earth soul heaven within Anthropos and Sophia and around them.
This 9,5° Libra -Meeting 1980 gave for about 800 years the new 'dress' of the element air in the mix of four. see here: 
For measurement, imagination and thinking the 'dress' has changed 1980: hence the ultimate catastrophes of the 20th Century truly are end-catastrophes of a very old one, of a dying  way of thinking, and like a sick tree, with immune-defense- weakness attracts  the parasites , so a society with weak immune defense against lie attracts the demons, when the way of thinking is sick...

So now a meditation
 on Friday
 with the blue
Father and Son united
in the air
with Sun
anyone's heart
might be helpful 
in all three
living floors
between heaven and hell

mirrored in the 
Zodiac's first mirror

30° Pisces = 0° Aries
0°Pisces = 30 ° Aries
and Mars
giving the first kick
to every change
remains though in Aries 
in the
back through the wild land
 remaining in the resonance with
Saturn Pluto Jupiter
in the the father's realm
of beyond:
'This is the End'
and the brother's :
'die for your truth'
and the son's 
encompassing spirit
of reconciliation
in resonance with Mars
the first moover
in retreat
still igniter and now
in the resonance by visit of
red Pluto
of the 
it's a place where fire calls for
sacrifice for the soul

and that's with
 Venus ' worlds
ruled by balance
 and self-satisfying

till Friday part of 'the game'
of Lions
then, what remained
now in the milieu
of prudence and reason


and Mercury has entered
the 'totalitarian'
of meaning ruling the realm of imagination
called Scorpio

which as highest- most stature
of soul allows
contrary to nature 'the freezing'
of desires
for savor lust and freedom
in the waiver 
of arbitrariness

Like the Alchemisten im Mittelalter  knew: 'The soul governs the body"

early this week Mercury was in the radiation
in the element water
at 0, 8° Scorpio

Another place in the year to consciously dive into the unconscious attendance of a major resonance since 1305. The Father + Son of feeling. What might it be, the kings- or father's part in the dynamic mix and clearance of feeling, an what that of the Son? A fatherly feeling = consolating, a sonlike feeling = enthusiasm ...

this Kingsconjunction rules
since 1305 till 2157
so did on lastMonday
the basics of constant feeling

and on Sunday
Mercury will go
  green again visiting
of the element  Water = feeling
heaven= spirit
 of water = feeling
Uranus is it in Scorpio
clearing the stage
from outworn spiritual rags
which Neptune dumps in oblivion

31. 10. 1517 Wittenberg: Luther posting his theses 

31. 10. 1517
Resonances to the Kingsconjunction in  Element Water
of 1305

the aeonic resonances are a bit moving the souls in Mercuries realms this week
in us
but only cultivated conscious  attendance might bring culture of it
in the rhythms of our solar creation
 like in 1517
any happening in Scorpio since 2008 
is of superior meaning
according to Pluto
 in Capricorn 

Murnau, 9. 30. 2020, UTC: 17:04.


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