Mittwoch, 11. März 2020

Mars' 12 Days - Approach to the Cluster

3. 11. - 18. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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 Consciousness (day-brightness of the psyche) 
" of the archetypes of the unconscious ...
derives partly from the fact, that the ego has the
 paradoxical quality of being both, the subject and
 the object  of it' own knowledge. and partly from
 the fact, that the psyche is not a unity but a
 'constellation' consisting of other luminaries besides
the Sun.  "

C.G.Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis Vol. 2, §167

What is called for the zodiacal man? Anyway he starts as male/Mars with Aries, where, concerning the instinct, zodiacal woman is glad, to be able to start as Venus with Taurus as well as  with Libra. This double instinct embodied in Venus/Aphrodite is aptly expressed in the Troja-myth'Paris robbed Menelaos not only off his 'most beautiful' woman Helena,  but together with her emptied his treasury - a total bankrupty of his higher male part = ethos, before his lower drives.

Mars in Capricorn - what is it that zodiacal man, now being beyond temporality, can, shall, start new? In the before- and after-rooms of temporality, in the winter between the summers? Isn't  the roots-power of the summer able to survive winter by

 reduction to the minimum
new-begin in - minimum

I call it the pilgrims-march
Mars in Capricorn
new beginning in reduction
hence zodiacal man can dwell 
within the souls of the saints
 'marching in'

and with Mars we gradually approach 'the 2020-Cluster' of


end of March

Mars' similes contain

inserted into this week we would find

20. 3. Friday Mars Jupiter - =  expansion of fever
23. 3.  Monday Mars Pluto = sacrifice of fever
Mars Saturn at March-end =  subside  of fever

what it all means?
our generation has to find the answer
mind: panic and hysteria also are kinds of fever

we got to study and to marvel

this week's ways in Capricorn
a complex cluster is emerging

2020 11. Week


Venus in Taurus
at home 
within every heavy thing
and just
on Monday
of all things Uranus
the toppler of heaven
started the week
in coniunction with Venus
on a crash-code

that numbers are places of meaning
is not in the dreams of numbers

and non-zodiacal-man
neither esteeming numbers nor symbols
is alas a fool
being the caring fool of a
beloved caretaker/ess

so far the Venus-way of the zodiacal man
 keeping via Taurus the tenacity 
and via Libra the balance
as far as is given
by spirit and nature
signified by Venus'

Sun last Sunday/Monday
one day a year

Sun + Neptune

the strength + the weakness

leaving 'the well' 
to be coming 
out of 'the child' in man
the innocent

and further  Sun in Pisces
that's enough to know
if one knows
that the heart needs
a 'cleaning' each year
which is founded in the meekness
of the grown up child
in the light of
 the immensity
of God and Universe

and Mercury
till coming Monday has time
for a short 'flight'
in Aquarius'
human -God-spirit-realm
then again
in the realm of Neptune
the unconscious child in us that God loves

further only
what is cleaned
shall further
dwell in
the body

Murnau, 3. 11. 2020, UTC: 16:32.


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