Mittwoch, 4. März 2020

Baptism on Sunday and Dionysian Relief for Venusians

3. 2. - 11. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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10. Week 2020

all indicating
what is not in our calculuses
considered is
this wandering architecture of the 

on heavens paths of times 
wheel of zodiac within and around
the zodiacal man
'adam secundus'

burning of the blind rage
wild zodiacal man
irate cause hungry

but satiated
a mellow genus working
strong like bulls
rambling like curiosity in space and time

and so on
who is able to think forth
the zodiac doesn't omit

Now, our 12 godly partial-men, what is awaiting us, what our hearts, our Sun? It's the still missing partial-man Pisces within us, the letting happen, letting things do as they are

Baptism with silence
on Sunday
Sun + Neptune
united in 
18,4° Pisces

I'm glad 
when it happens again
the strength of heart in 
the quiet Suns

The myth tells  of Dionysos
when fleeing the Titans
finding shelter
in the sea-ground castle of sea goddess Thetis
hence invulnerable child
at the bottom of the sea

albeit the holy - I don't know exactly what it is, what zodiac and language offer to me. But the salvation, I feel, is to scoop of the connection of heart and child or Sun + Neptune - be sure
Good likes it

one day a year
coming Sunday

without the holy,  a mature child, - not any healing comes into the world. Healing is the meaning of Sagittarius, that something of the imperishable health might be in the world as anonymous 'zeitgeist' in the temporal, turning a bigger wheel a cog further, if also receiving

and the blind impulse full of energy
Mars in Capricorn
this week
in the Christmas-grades of the zodiac
Sun/Mercury of the air-element  and
Sun /Mercury of the water-element
passion and wit
in the barren realm of the 
and Mars is Saturn's Mars

and Tuesday  Saturn's resonance is mixed with 
Venus' resonances

well, Mars  moving through the center of two elements of our eon . (1305 - 2157)
of the four elements this week, air first, water following directly, thinking before feeling on the 'pilgrims way' of Capricorn, occupying the upper floor of the earth-element,  in any horoscope ruling over what is  lasting.



upper unconscious

elementary unconscious

The upper unconscious of man is,  where the 'holy figures' created the canon of the  yearly 'animals' via  dreams and incursions
through this 'symbolic' layer moves the visible 
mirror of heaven to 'astrologers'

and man found his first knowledge of  times and periods
 on the ever clear  nightly subtropical

and those now walking with Mercury
Twins and Virgo
must today return back out of the depth of Pisces
 up to the heaven of Aquarius
back for a little while 
from deep feeling to high thinking
from fins to wings

This week hence Sun = heart alongside with the second function of orientation, Mercury = brain, out of calculability, in the great yearly circle of cleaning from temporal validity

and Venus
ruled by Mars in Capricorn
virtually wealth and beauty
 sacrificing as offering
to the thank God
yesterday/today Venus in square-resonance with 
the lord of the zodiac 
preserving all 12 zodiacal
persons by loping
the straggling

followed on Sunday 
Venus + Uranus
in con-junction

a wave of relief? Or crash?
is one
 bird or clod?

Venus = the heavy (+ balance)
Uranus = left  wing of future

and adding
Venus on Friday again visiting  Luna
of the feeling element water
at 1,8° in Taurus
granting secureness to 
 the feeling in this world

Murnau, 3. 4. 2020, UTC: 17:16.


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