Dienstag, 10. März 2020

Elements of the Crash-Code

Of an comment in Saker's Vimeyard

And this crisis didn’t begin with the coronavirus. Headlines about the virus did not start appearing in the U.S. until January of this year. But the Federal Reserve began making hundreds of billions of dollars each week in cheap loans to Wall Street’s banks on September 17, 2019 — the first time it had done this since the 2008 financial crisis. You can earmark September 17, 2019 as the actual date that this Financial Crisis II got underway.

interesting is, when you earmark  this September 17. 2019, then it was the day in the year
when Venus (estate and balance) visited the toppler Uranus of the carrier-element earth at 3,2° Libra.

Hypothesis: Venus-Uranus is a code for toppling the balance of wealth.

9. 27. 2019

10. 24. 1929 "Black Thursday"

and 9.15. 2008 it wasn't Venus =  wealth
it was Moon, home and Sun = way of life

9. 15. 2008, 6:45 UTC NY

and now? Black Monday
Neptune liquidates wealth (Sun ~ Gold)

 3. 9. 2020

if you study astrology, you will perceive, 
be it Saturn,  Uranus, or Neptune,
each one of them 
the three gods of the fourth quadrant
in the zodiac
are able to 'do' groundbreaking things:
limiting Saturn checks the measures of a species
toppling Uranus deals with the mutations
 unconscious Neptune deals with solutions

Mind you, as well as Sun each year meets Neptune like  Venus and Mercury, and every year they  meet Saturn and  Uranus in conjunction, but there is no security in prognostic, cause, like Carl Jung hinted in a letter  to André Barbault" the same constellation, to the same person,  one time signifying a catastrophe another time just a cold. But I think, less prognostic but more care, what the gods 'tell' is paramount.
Murnau, 3. 10. 2020, UTC 21:55.

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