Donnerstag, 5. März 2020

Moscow, Six Hours Work on Human Traits

3.5. 2020

in Moscow today

the Sultan with the Uber-Khan
13:35 /UTC 10:35
now Leo for 2,6 hours

so today about 11:00/UTC 8:00,  Moscow

3.5.2020, Moscow
11:00 (UTC 8:00)

I don't know the begin and end of today's "six hours work". But the look on Moon and Sun
and Mercury in retreat is telling enough about today's potences.

Mother Rossia the cradle of heavenly wisdom
 on Earth
and  the Sultan 
dreaming of a hidden
Eurasian - Turk- vein
 like Moons on a million
Mosques's nights

well,  Moon in Cancer, ruling  Earth by feeling lap ... in encounter with Mars
ruled by Moon's  Partner in Opposition,  Saturn at home in Capricorn
with invincible arms and  loyal professionals in another time for the history-books anyway, 

and their's the day

The Sultan
on 3. 5. 2020

Sun in Pisces, 15,2°,  the plural number of his workable resonances these two weeks had their day,
only Jupiter is awaiting Sun's resonances from Pisces tomorrow, giving Sun + Jupiter = conciliation and 'expansion of weakness' which conforms to a great power acc. to Lao Tse, as like as to bend to a great neighbor, fitting to a smaller power.

V.V. Putin
on 3. 5. 2020

in  his birth is 
man's  main orientation  on future (12. house)  originated (Sun house 11) by a polite balancer (Sun in  Libra) at work, to ease the strain between  major collective traits of our kind:

Mars (predator)
Jupiter (conciliator)
Pluto (sacrificer)

knowing something like that each of man's  basic traits has a right to exist at it's place, given by civilized means.

And here's the result of the day.

Murnau, 3. 5. 2020, UTC 20:53.

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