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Brain and Heart to Unite in Resonance with Innocence Till Next Wednesday

5. 30.  - 6. 6.  2018, 0:00 UTC

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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"Religion is so much interwoven into the
 therenessof the older and simpler mankind
that it doesn't constitue a special  component
of it but inhere it as  vital spirit all of it's  shapes.
In the progress of the spiritual culture it  unfolds
to the lucidity and grandness of the forms.
But the striving for autonomy, which this process 
partakes of, leads to a  distinction of the holy and 
the profane, which  ultimately becomes to a 
absolute contradiction."

Walter F. Otto, „Der Ursprung von Mythus und Kultus in 
 „Die Gestalt und das Sein“, Darmstadt 1955, S.: 239

The zodiacal man doesn't maintain this absolute 
contradiction any longer, as well as the physics since Bohr 
and Pauli, but the complementarity as an original given.

Spinning around  the horizon between 
ascendant - descendant the  energy-psyche -mirror
tells: advice = wheel
male = ascendant
female = descendant


what tells the chart?

no relocation this week?
sure, one, Mercury today on Wednesday
enters Twins
his 'native' realm in the space 

Comment: by this entry the conditions in two signs change from partisan = Taurus to impartial = Twins. The new impartial  'airy' condition meets Mercury's first realm in the touchable physical space and in Mercury's second realm Virgo's earthbornness in  the feeling innerspace called soul.

if we discern the essence of male and female in universe
 we have the steady passive signs
and the traveling dynamics of the gods

the signs show 12 shapes of emptyness
and the gods 
10 travelling
thoughts of God

now in the space of Twins
 = the ramifications in inner and outer 

heart  Sun now is attended
by trickster Mercury
in the space of communication
mirroring the Capricorn
keeper of the throne

This is the mystery of Sun in Twins 'the Donald'.


for Venus  her two realms
Taurus and Libra
hence basic earth
and psychic air

the conditions change from potentised
by Uranus + Mercury to 
potentised only by Uranus
the persuasiveness has migrated


other than that
Venus' instinctive tribe-roots
are remaining  rooting in  Cancer
hence within Moon's shady realms
in the twelve signs  of
the Goddess

coming weekend increasing resonance
with opposite-partner
and the souls
beyond time
in Capricorn
special condition for
Uranus and Jupiter
aranged by Venus + Plutobetween earth and water


  Scorpio the high fifth

in the mirror of the zodiacal man 
telling  the low fifth Leo 
what heart has to create:
Jupiter = the funnel

22. Week 2018

Sun in Twins
heartwarmth + brain


further Mars the pusher
depotentised after all
but alleviated in Aquarius
pusher of 'winged' thoughts
birther of new ideas
in the realms where Uranus
is toppling the walls
and tipping the balanes
by the zodiacal
nearness to
God's family


finally Sun will be caught up and united with
by Mercury
while in resonance with Neptune
from Pisces to Twins
from inner depths of innocence
to outer 'supers' of impartiality
and back again
will be formulated by heart and brain

draft: Sunday, 27. 5. 2018, UTC: 15:33

posted: Murnau, 28. 5. 2018, UTC: 14:04
in English: 5. 30. 2018, UTC: 16:51.


Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2018

Adventures in the Open Space of Twins

5. 23.  - 30. 2018, 0:00 UTC

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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"There is anyway no other possibility, than to recognize the
 irrational as a ncessary, because always present psychic 
function and it's contents not as concrete (that would be a 
step back) but as psychic realities - realities,  as they are 
effective things, i,e,  realities. The collective unconscious is
as  condensation of experience and likewise as an a priori of 
them an image of the world, having established since aeons.
In this image certain traits, so-called archetypes or dominants,
have emerged in the course of time. They are the rulers, the 
gods, i.e. images of dominant laws and principles of average
regularities in the  course of images, which the soul again
 and again anew ungergoes."

C.G.Jung, The Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious, § 151

Question:  to beginn with the specific or the general?
I start with the latter

in the deeper (and higher) levels of psyche there is no longer the individual even nor longer individual ancestries in time
but generally man and wo - man

both living within , better underneath and above us as a nano- star-family

hence zodiacal - man in universe law starts with fire
hence zodiacal woman starts with air

21. Week

* first full week with Uranus in Taurus for 7 years

* first full Week with Mars in Aquarius

* first full week with Venus in Cancer

* second week with Mercury in Taurus

* first full Week with Sun in Twins

What does the zodiac of heaven 'tell' us to it? 

Uranus in Taurus: Putin,  concerning the  Stalin-Ribbentrop-Pact of 1939, emphasized, one has to understand these things out of their time. Uranus was last in Taurus 1934 - 1942 and yet saw  the defeat of the 'Blitzkrieg" ahead of Moscow. Uranus is the toppler, air-spirit, originator, lord of Aquarius. 

21. week 2018

Mars in Aquarius ( every 1,6 years),  beginner, starter, discloser, opener of closed doors, ruling  now from heaven as 'fiery' potency of Uranus in Taurus.

Venus in Cancer, colletoress, social lap, goddes of association,  defense, savings and roots in the earth and Libra as goddess of the dual form of opposites = love.

hence intimacy of Cancer, river, bed, family, feeling is ruling - via Venus - Taurus and Libra.

Hence ruling what is moving in their realms within zodiacal man and zodiacal woman underneath and above of our conscious awareness - unless we are homi astrologi.

Mercury in Taurus, story-teller, discerner, performer  now within the social herd and by Venus in Cancer's intimacy of Moon's traveling feeling.

Sun in Twins, the warm strong center of the family now as potency of Mercury in his discernment
within the Taurus = tribe of the zodiacal man and woman

Eve's cross

and Adam's circle

Now with Sun, the heart is in the traveling-time of Twins, as potency of Mercury under the northern sky, (under the southern sky the heart currently is in the time of Sagittarius).

Twins is the airy realm of open space beyond the settlements, where Mercury is 'personalizing' the archetype of curiosity, and hence knowledge,  roving land and seas, hence connecting the neighborship. Families are planning adventures in the open space.

The orchestra of the week

Mars + Uranus = Heaven and Earth

Jupiter + Mercury = sacrifice and Earth

Saturn + Venus  = Father and Family

The aeonian man

Mercury on Tuesday with fire-Uranus
the man-god
and today with earth-Mars
the expeller

Finally no news from Pluto and Neptune.

In English posted Murnau 5. 23. 2018, UTC 16:47.

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2018

Dislocation of Energy in Seven Characters

5. 14 . - 23. 2018, 0:00 UTC

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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20. Week

"If man would live merely instinctively and automaticly
the dislocations could ensue according to mere biological
 laws. A touch of this is yet to be seen with the  inner life
of the primitives., which is  at the same moment entirely
 concretistic and entirely symbolistic. With the cultural 
man the otherwise so useful rationalism of the conscience
proves to be the heaviest hindrance for the frictionless
 dislocations of energy, whilst ratio always, to avoid 
her unbearable antinomy, poses itself on the one side
 or the other one exclusively and tries to clutch to the 
once chosen values and again as long as the fact of
human reason takes effect  as " unchangeable
 substance" and by this it's symbolistic  perception
is excluded. But ratio is only relative and suspends
 itself in it's aninomies. Also it is only a means
 expedient , a symbolic expression  for the
clearance point of an evolutionary way."

C.Jung, About the Energetics of the Soul, Coll. W. 9, § 47 
(emphasis mine)

"Dislocations of energy"? What  is Jung speaking about? When are dislocations of energy asked for in our psyche? A journey, a removal, a new love, a child, all the cases describing changes in the shape of  visible and tangible outer circumstances.
And what is with the  circumstood one? The unique I-person? Which energy-dislocations are expected of it without being contingent to outer conditions, without the I-persons knowing?
Where it doesn't know anything about it, there they are lacking in the counscious conduct of life, in the conscience is only, so Jung, what has been introduced to it, 
In physical lessons to our conscience the invisibility of magnetism was introduced by the use of  ironfilings.

With this discovery the gates were opened for the making-visible of the invisible.

The naive herder of the 18th century didn't know anything about physical lessons and of the visibility of the invisible, bur his heart 'knew'  about the magnetism of the souls like since any beginning.

Now we on Earth are living in the gravitational field of the Sun, reaching far behind Pluto, a shining family-island like millions in the Universe.

If I' right, it is undiscovered, which invisible effects on the physical and psychical life on earth these resonances have, which constantly between Sun and her planets swing to and fro, as we ourself are special animated resonance-bodies with age old antecedents between 'god' Sun and our 'god'-siblings with their 'magnetism', Earth herself a spawning 'goddess'.

The opinion of the astrologers and alchemists was and is principally this: "like above so below" or "like outside so inside" hence that inside of us  exists a psycho/physical counterpart, in which the star-family is mirrored with the Sun as our hearts.

That's the meaning of the astrological enlightment, having to introduce the invisible 'wheather' of the Sun-family
to our conscience.

In heaven namely the due energy-dislocation are to be read exactly to the minute, to which an equivalent in us should ensue ,like it did, without conscious knowing by the primitive men.

End of preface.

20. Week

This week from last Sunday to coming Monday seven from eleven signs/realms are experiencing "an energy- dislocation"
according to their rulers, the planets and Sun.

(A spacial case in Cancer, cause to ruler Moon the 'dislocation of energy' is routine, re-distribuing her energy every 2+ days.)

They are slow and fast rulers which enter new realms. Beginning with

last Sunday after 13 months 
again in Taurus
from fire to earth

man - god Uranus
84 years later
again in Taurus
from fire to earth
on Tuesday

opener Mars
after 19 months
again in Aquarius
from earth to air
this Wednesday morning

Collecteress and pandaress
after 10 months
again in Cancer
from air to water
on Saturday

and finally on Whitsun -midnight
with Sun the heart-emergy
moves into Twins
from earth to air

if we know it or not.

Whom does this happen to? 
Answer: to our collective soul
deep and above
our conscience
guided by the laws of the universe

of which each of us receives all wisdom
as it is the given
from the beginning

this each of us I call 
zodiacal man
with the ascendant 
Aries = 30° Pisces
blood and water

and the medium coeli (midheaven)
 0° Capricorn = 30° Sagittarius
without and within time

and the zodiacal woman
with the ascendant of
Libra = 30° Virgo
earth and heaven

Well, according to the dislocation of their rulers, conditions change with in this week in

Cancer (5 times)

constantly are remaining this week only


6 mirrors this week

in addition to said dislocations there are resonance.- complexes of planets/gods 
1. with each other
2. with them in Kingsconjunctions
in the four elements

to 1.
the week started with the square-resonance
of Mars
with Uranus + Mercury
and their common
hence now we have
start = Mars of new thinking = Aquarius
of new ideas = Uranus in  community = Taurus
+ new talk = Mercury in community=Taurus

to 2.

Mars starting in Aquarius
immediately receives the push of the Kings-conjunktion 
blue Mars at 0,8° Aquarius
as resonance of the air-element since 1980
since the Kings-conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter
in this element.

doubling Mars in Aquarius = doubling the push
of new thinking
in Taurus =
n the community where Uranus currently rules

and this resonance is in common complex with
the resonance of the Kings-conjunction
of 1305
the latest one in the water-element
and it's green Moon
at 0,3° Taurus

and this is a resonance connecting heaven's spirit
with earth and it's spirit

and the green Moon in Taurus 'gives'
to the water = feeling
the spell of safety for the family= Moon  in the community = Taurus

Beautifull spells blossoming this week invisibly, but alas, only they will 'see' them, who follow their heart to the
talk of heaven, only to them the trasure is open.

and the community-goddess Venus'
opening the once-a-year trasure trove
of new thinking about new being at home 
in the elements
yesterday+ today
receiving the resonance of the red fire-Moon
of 1603

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